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Luboš Veselý - 11.01.2018

Kolomý the Best Czech Again, Šoltys Ranks Fourteenth

Martin Kolomý ended stage 5 with 6th rank. This ranking need not be final, though, his loss from the first part of the stage where he provided assistance is still expected to be deducted. The commissioners in addition zeroed his penalisation for late arrival at the bivouac after stage three. Martin Šoltys again coped with the demanding stage excellently and ranked fourteenth.


Martin Kolomý performed a gentlemanly gesture in the first part of the race when he helped put the truck of the Russian pilot Nikolaev back on the wheels after its fall on the side. After that he ended the race with the sixth rank, which probably will not be his final result in that stage. “Today a very nice stage again, only in the second half I lost performance a little and had to drive over some dunes three times. But as I can see, nothing much is happening behind us, the boys are probably still looking for the waypoints. This year´s Dakar is very nice to me, if every next one is like that I will only be happy,” was Martin Kolomý´s comment on the Wednesday stage. In addition, the commissioners zeroed his penalisation from stage three in the course of the day so now his loss after the leading pilot Nikolaev is “just a little over eight hours”. “I am happy about it, as this is a good motivation for the following stages,“ he added.


Stage five was really demanding, mainly for the navigators. “I really sweated all over today. The stage was shortened by about forty kilometres but we did not know that and reached a point where we were directed about twenty waypoints away. At that moment the desert was very alive for the others were looking for the right way too. But we managed to find the right way relatively soon so we did not lose too much there. The rest of the stage was nice again, including all from river basins to dunes, really crowded with features,” was the comment on the stage from the navigator of Kolomý´s crew Rostislav Plný.


Despite some problems with navigation in the last part of the race Martin Šoltys ended with the fantastic fourteenth rank. “Although the organizers told us it would be the worst stage today, I think it was only a little harder than the previous one. The terrain of the first sped test was very soft, our tyres were nearly empty but the truck did not want to go at all on that ground. But all seemed to have the same problem there. We jumped over that somehow, the dunes were very high. We lost our way towards the end and lost about an hour looking for one waypoint. But now we are in the finish, which is good,” said Martin Šoltys.


Results of stage 5:


1. Nikolaev                       KAMAZ          3:37:12

2. Viazovich                     MAZ              +06:23

3. Van Genugten               IVECO           +12:57

4. Sotnikov                       KAMAZ          +13:23

5. Villagra                        IVECO           +21:10

6. KOLOMÝ                       TATRA          +21:14

14. ŠOLTYS                       TATRA          +1:09:48


Overall results after stage 5:


1. Nikolaev                       KAMAZ          15:59:39

2. Villagra                        IVECO           +58:05

3. Viazovich                     MAZ              +2:28:46

4. Macík                           LIAZ             +3:15:40

5. Sugawara                     HINO            +3:24:08

11. ŠOLTYS                       TATRA          +5:15:38

14. KOLOMÝ                     TATRA          +8:42:42

?.  VRŇÁK                         TATRA          ?

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