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Luboš Veselý - 21.07.2017

Kolomý´s Rescue Mission with Sixth Best Stage Time

Kolomý´s Rescue Mission with Sixth Best Stage Time

The crew of the TATRA Buggyra Racing steam improved their spirits after yesterday´s trouble today, ending the stage with the sixth final rank. Their overall score is also one rank better than yesterday.


This edition of the Silk Way Rally is slowly but surely approaching its end. Today the programme featured the last but one stage nearly 700 kilometres long with a 320 km long speed test divided into two parts. Most of the route was against in dunes of the Gobi desert. The first part was finished by the pilot of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team with the result equal to the fifth rank, and the second with one rank drop down. “Given that today we were more rescuers than racers today the result is not bad at all. In the first part we pulled out Van Genugten with Iveco, and in the second we gave water to a buried Mini and towed one of the MAZs. The stage was nice, exactly as I like them to be, but to start from the back of eh starting field is real hell. The route was rutted and nearly non-negotiable. We had to approach some of the dunes more than once to avoid burial in them. In the end Phoenix did not fly very well and coughed a little. We must have tanked some poor quality diesel, otherwise I am unable to understand why the 800 litres were not enough today,“ described Kolomý today´s stage which moved him one rank up in the overall ranking.


Tomorrow the pilots will cover the very last 100 kilometres of speed tests with the ceremonial closing of the whole Silk Way Rally in the Chinese city of Xian.

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