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Ksar Ghilane Sahara: Development Mission Complete, Ready for Dakar

Ksar Ghilane Sahara: Development Mission Complete, Ready for Dakar

The week of testing by the Tatra Buggyra Racing team profoundly tried not only the technology but also the crew of Martin Kolomý and Kilián brothers. Tatra 815 Buggyra covered several thousand kilometres in the Ksar Ghilane desert oasis and preparations of the Czech team for Dakar 2015 culminate.

Ksar Ghilane and Route Book

Quick sandy sections, dunes and extreme temperatures reaching fifty degrees Centigrade in the sun, these are conditions fully comparable with what will be prepared for the individual crews in South America in January. 


"The testing was to my maximum satisfaction. We covered many hundred kilometres and the truck performance was excellent. Functionality tests were followed by tests of lifetime of certain parts which are extremely burdened at Dakar. The GYRTECH drive ran at 100 % and so we could focus on the chassis. I am glad David could take part in the testing for we could thus cover many more kilometres. He showed he was able to also stand other than racing circuit conditions“ said Kolomý with a smile.


The crew of Tatra 815 Buggyra participated in the past in the local Sahara Rally de Tunisia, even winning the race twice, and so the navigator René Kilián made use of the itinerary of the famous rally for a desert test. At the same time the crew, consisting of Martin Kolomý, René and David Kiliáns, could improve full functioning of the crew and thanks to accurate navigation points compare the individual sections and tune up both the technology and their mutual communication methods. 


Vršecký as Test Pilot

Tatra 815 Buggyra was driven in the sand dunes not only by Martin Kolomý, but also by David Vršecký, who had left for Tunisia right from the Most racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship. "I cannot compare the background, of course. All is much more comfortable at the race circuit. But this is what long-distance cross-country competitions are about. I mainly focused on setting of the chassis and I ma satisfied with functioning of all the components. Of course my engagement is not like Martin ´s, I still much respect this type of racing and hold myself back. But I have shown that I am also able to sell my skills outside the bitumen road of the circuit,“ said Vršecký after the week test.


The testing week was also a great lesson for all members and mechanics of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team. "Under conditions that are so extreme not only the race crew but also the rest of the team must function absolutely, which we tried and confirmed. We simulated various situations that might occur at Dakar. We tested both the logistic and the communication systems. Dune riding with a fully loaded service van is not easy, like freeing the truck in the middle of a desert at high noon, both may be at the brink of both technical and physical limits. But both the boys and the technology managed this excellently,“ praised the team work Buggyra manager Jan Kalivoda.


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