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Lacko and Buggyra Win A Bull Battle

Lacko and Buggyra Win A Bull Battle

The Czech national anthem was played in the prize-giving ceremony after the second Sunday race. The second weekend victory in Austria was achieved thanks to Adam Lacko, who started the race from the third starting position. Together with David Vršecký, who ranked fifth, they achieved another triumph for Buggyra in the team competition.

The second Sunday race with handicap was started by the first eight ranks from the cup race in the reverse order. Thus the Buggyra pilots filled the second row of the starting grid. The start was best managed by Lacko, who ranked second after the first curve, following the leading Rene Reinert. On the other hand, David Vršecký was held back after start by Benedek Major, who "overslept" at the start, and also by Markus Bösiger in the first curve.

Adam Lacko stuck to the German pilot and tried an attack in nearly every curve. The Czech pilot in addition had to watch the third ranking Norbert Kiss. Lacko successfully attacked Reinert in the seventh lap but Kiss advance forward together with him and did not let the Czech pilot take any rest. Lacko used his extensive racing experience to maintain his position, thus achieving his second victory this season.

"Today the race was a real drama. When I was overtaking Reinert we got into small contact but all ended up without problems. Kiss then stuck to me but I think I had no problem watching him and keeping him behind me. I would like to thank the whole team for another successful weekend,“ said Lacko after the race.

On the other hand, Vršecký could not overtake Major, who played on a defensive note. Eventually Vršecký was also successful in overtaking and advanced to the fifth rank. Unfortunately, his rivals in front of him were already too far ahead and Vršecký could not catch up with the fourth Reinert any longer.

"Major "overslept" after start and I was caught behind him. Then I needed to overtake him, but I had to think up a method not resulting in my penalisation. Eventually I managed and we together obtained enough score for our team to win today,“ said Vršecký at the end of the racing weekend. Thanks to the team victory Buggyra maintained the second overall rank in the Constructors´ Cup. Adam Lacko continues to hold the fourth overall rank while Vršecký ranks sixth.

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