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Petr Bošnakov - 22.10.2020

Lacko and Koloc back at Hungaroring with a new challenge

Just a week after their own race there, Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc return to Hungaroring to take part in the final round of the ESET Cup Series for the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team.


Lacko and Koloc back at Hungaroring with a new challenge

While Aliyyah’s sister Yasmeen Koloc will be racing with Tomáš Enge in a Renault Clio RS car for the TC – 2.0 Endurance championship title, Aliyyah is going to race with Adam Lacko in the GT3 category. “We were discussing it with martin. Even though she’s a very talented girl, it’s still a 16-year-old in a car for adults… on the other hand, he said that you need to be able to learn to actually learn something, and that makes sense,” said Tomáš Enge.


“Our goal is to get Aliyyah’s data and compare that to Tomáš, Adam and David. We’re considering a GT3 project in China, where Aliyyah could race with two other professional drivers. So, a race weekend at Hungaroring is definitely not about discovering a rising GT start, but it’s a continuation of the Buggyra Academy project,” says Martin Koloc, who also explains why Adam Lacko is taking part as well. “Adam has raced in the GT1 World Championship and in the GT3 European Championship. That’s why we thought it might be actually useful to take a closer look at him. You never know!”


Adam Lacko, who is fighting for the truck racing championship title at the same time, has no problem with that. “I’m really excited about it. I’ve never driven a Mercedes GT3 before and it’s going to be nice to learn something new after Saleen, Corvette and Lamborghini. I looked at the entry list and there is going to be a very solid competition.” Just like other categories, the GT race weekend also consists of two sprints and one endurance event. “We’re going to split the Sprint races. And who is going to start the Endurance race? We’ll decide on the spot, but we’re definitely going to find a solution,” says laughing Adam.

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