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Lacko and Vršecký Below Podium but Silver in Teams

Lacko and Vršecký Below Podium but Silver in Teams

The first cup race at the Nürburgring brought third place to Buggyra in the Constructors´ Cup. After start Adam Lacko could not keep up with the overly motivated Hahn and ranked fourth in the thirteen-lap race right before the fifth Vršecký.

The time practice was held at the Nürburgring on Friday late afternoon already. Out of the Buggyra pair Adam Lacko achieved the best, winning the second starting row, thus defeating for example the domestic pilot Jochen Hahn. David Vršecký was placed right behind his team mate in the starting grid thanks to his fifth best lap time.

Before start of he first Saturday race the pilots introduced themselves to their fans in front of the crowded tribunes on an open deck of a trailer carrying the German football champions to the centre of Berlin a couple of days before and as soon as on the following day scheduled to carry pilots of formula 1 before the Sunday race at Hockenheimring.

After start the lead was held by Albacete and Jochen Hahn overtook Adam Lacko, winning a stormy applause of the crowds on the tribunes. He start was dramatised by René Reinert, who began to spin round after his collision with Benedek Major, and finally stopped in the second curve. When finally the last double curve was blocked by the immobile truck of Elen Lohr, the race manager decided to interrupt the race with red flags and repeat the starting procedure.  Adam Lacko had already learned how to defend himself against the local pilot Hahn, and thus he tried again after the thirty-minute pause. He failed again and the German pilot overtook him. "The start from the inside is paradoxically a disadvantage here, for after the right turn there is the long left turn, where it is a problem to keep rank in front of the pilot driving by your side. I managed the second start well again but was blocked by Kiss and Hahn again won the third rank. What a pity, this could have been a podium. The more we will have to work hard in the second race today,“ said Lacko at noon.

Vršecký managed the start well and held the sixth ranking Markus Bösiger behind his back. Although the Swiss pilot tried several attacks on the Buggyra pilot, he failed. Vršecký eventually left Bösiger behind him with a loss of eight seconds. "Both the first and the second start were OK. Towards the end of the race I had problems with my truck and so I am glad I managed to reach the finish line. Now we will mend it as there are nearly three hours before the second race. I am glad Adam and me at least won the cup for the third rank in the constructors´ cup,“ said Vršecký after the race.

The subsequent disqualification of Benedek Major moved the Buggyra team to the second rank in the constructors´ cup and built an advantage for the team represented by the difference of six score points over Reinert Adventure.

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