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Lacko and Vršecký Close Weekend with Sixth and Seventh Ranks

Lacko and Vršecký Close Weekend with Sixth and Seventh Ranks

In the second Sunday race the pilots of the Czech Buggyra ended with scores for the sixth and the seventh ranks, Adam Lacko ranking before David Vršecký.

The start of the second race of the day in the reverse order meant that Adam Lacko prepared for the start in the second row, while David Vršecký occupied the third row. Buggyra pilots thus started the handicap race from the same positions like in the third cup race.

After start a battled started for the lead, eventually won by the third starting pilot Markus Bösiger. Adam and David paid for the usual tossing around at the beginning of the race and dropped to the fifth and the seventh ranks. In the next part of the race Lacko tried to squeeze to the fourth rank, so far occupied by Benedek Major, but the latter pushed him off the circuit. The situation was utilised by Jochen Hahn, who overtook the Czech pilot and won the fifth rank.

A shower tried to make the race more dramatic but actual rain fortunately only started after the race. Bösiger firmly held the leading rank, eventually followed by Kiss and the third ranking Reinert. The whole battle was watched by the Nogaro circuit by nearly 40,000 enthusiastic spectators.

"I was already driving at the side of the fourth Major, but he knocked me off the track, and Jochen made use of it. I think that after that he was not so hard any more. Perhaps I would have tried harder to exchange ranks with him and advance forward,“ said Lacko after the race.

The chequered flag was crossed less than a second later by the seventh ranking David Vršecký.

"It was really hard work. I was glad I was able to follow the boys at all. Now I am sincerely looking forward to going home to preparing well for the Austrian weekend. Maybe our original idea of this weekend was a little different but we need to look forward,“ said Vršecký after the race.

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