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Lacko and Vršecký Opening with Fifth and Sixth Rank

Lacko and Vršecký Opening with Fifth and Sixth Rank

Adam Lacko and David Vršecký have successfully finished the first French race with the same ranks as obtained in the time practice, i.e. fifth and sixth, respectively.

It rained over the circuit of Paul Armagnac in the night and so at least in the morning the temperature was acceptable. Right after nine in the morning the warm up opened the day, followed an hour later with the time practice. Both pilots of the Buggyra team advanced to the Super Pole as usual, where they occupied the third row, Adam Lacko first and David Vršecký after him.

No big dramas could be seen in Nogaro after start of the first race of the day. Antonio Albacete overtook the winner of the time practice Norbert Kiss and too the lead instead of him. He did not let his leading position to anybody till the end of the race.

Both Adam Lacko and David Vršecký watched for their ranks and controlled them for the whole twelve laps. Even though Lacko tried to attack Markus Bösiger for a couple of times, the Swiss pilot did not give him the slightest opportunity to succeed.

"The truck was improved since Friday, which was seen in the time practice. Just a little and we would have made our way to the second row. In the course of the ace I tightly followed the fourth Bösiger. I always approached him in the breaking stages but he was better on the exits. But there was little opportunity to overtake,“ said the fifth ranking Lacko after the race.

His team mate Vršecký finished the race right behind him with the loss of less than three seconds. "We stiffened the chassis a little for the afternoon, which proved to be better. But when I could see that there was no chance to change the ranking I slowed down a little to spare  the tyres for the early evening race. Even though the temperatures are really high, we managed to cool everything successfully. We will see how we will manage the second race today,“ added Vršecký.

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