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Lacko Begins with Third Rank in Navara

Lacko Begins with Third Rank in Navara

Adam Lacko and the Czech make Buggyra has scored a successful start of the second racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship.

Lacko finally ranked third while David Vršecký ranked fifth after the initial collision. Further valuable score points for Buggyra in the Constructors´ Cup.

In the qualifying time practice neither pilot had problems in getting among the best ten. In the super pole Adam Lacko won the second starting row while David Vršecký was placed right behind him thanks to the fifth rank. Unfortunately, the pilots did not follow their free practice lap times  which were the quickest of all. The main reason was the hot weather governing the Spanish circuit.

The start of the race had to be repeated due to an accident in the first curve. Right in the course of the opening lap Jochen Hahn had to give up the race for technical problems. After the repeated start Adam Lacko watched for the third rank. On the other hand David Vršecký got into trouble caused by Rene Reinert hitting him from the rear. Thus David dropped to the seventh rank and had to fight his way forward. Lacko stuck to the pair of the race leaders and left the rest of the starting field far behind. And eventually the pilot from Čeladná crossd the finish line with the same rank.

"This was an interesting race. I tried to stick to Antonio and Norbert, even though I did not manage completely. The podium after the very first race is super, though. Towards the end I also had problems with brakes but we will mend this before the second race starts,“ said the smiling Lacko, who in addition ranked second after the domestic Albacete in the Spanish championship.

Vršecký overtook Teodosio and Halmova, but the fourth Bösiger was too far ahead and so David had to cope with the fifth rank. "Right in the fist curve my truck stopped obeying me. Looking into the rear view mirrors I found Reinert sticking to my truck. I do not understand that. Unfortunately, this situation cost me valuable points. I had to overtake again the trucks that ad overtaken me during the collision. That is how my rivals in the fornt had time to develop too big advantage,“ said the disappointed  Vršecký after the race.

In the summary ranking the Czech Buggyra team ranked second and thus the podium was also climbed by the team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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