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Luboš Veselý - 12.10.2017

Lacko Breaks the Curse of Silver Ranks in Buggyra!

Lacko Breaks the Curse of Silver Ranks in Buggyra!

Yesterday´s special post-season press conference of the Buggyra Racing team was marked by celebrations of the European Champion title of Adam Lacko, who climbed the top of the podium after 14 years from his first start in a race truck cab, and for a second time with David Vršecký as the winners of the Constructors´ Cup. Thus Adam Lacko became the fourth Czech pilot on the European truck racing throne. He received a gold helmet as a present for his victory from the Buggyra team.


We thought about the best present for Adam at the moment of his life success. The winning idea was the gold helmet in the end. It is a thing he can either use or put on display. That is entirely up to him,“ said Jan Kalivoda at the end of the official part of the conference in front of the large crowd of journalists attending it. “At the beginning of the season we set in front of ourselves a clear goal – Adam´s victory – which we have accomplished. As the season progressed we noticed the possibility to attack the double, especially after the Nürburgring racing weekend, where we got in the lead in the Constructors´ Cup. Finally we won both cups and thus achieved all that was on stock,“ assessed the team manager the just ending season.


The new European Champion Adam Lacko could celebrate more milestones of his life in Jarama last week. One was his first European champion title in his truck racing history and his 400th start in a truck race. “This certainly is the climax of my racing career and I am extremely happy that I have succeeded in the end. I must thank my family who keep supporting me, and above all my team mates, who fulfilled all my requests to 100%,” said the thirty-three-year-old pilot with satisfaction. This season Adam scored 19 podium ranks, of which 12 victories. In Misano and at Nürburgring he even reached podium ranks in six races of the seven (the last race at Nürburgring was cancelled). “We definitely succeeded in Italy and in Germany, but I would not say that the season was decided there. The final decision was only made in the last race, but we were certainly inspired by the success. The truck worked well, I raced successfully, and so we decided to do our best to manage this year at last, and so we did,“ was the comment of the European champion about his achievement. At the end of the press conference Adam received the special present from his team. “I was sure there was no cake under the cover, as some said. But I could not even suspect there would be a helmet, let alone a gold one. It looks very nice and will certainly set off for the next season next year in it. I hope it will bring me good luck,“ said the historically fourth European champion of the Buggyra team at the end of the press conference.


After the victory in the team competition David Vršecký became the first pilot in history winning the European champion cup as a pilot and as a constructor in one. “I heard something in that sense, but that information was not very decisive for me. I was much more pleased by the fact that we managed to set the trucks for Hungaroring, for we were not successful there in the past and this year we brought back home five cups from there,“ said David today, scoring two more primacies after the European champion title in the team competition. “In spring we were successful in India, where we appeared for the first time. I certainly keep my fingers crossed for this championship to survive. Its standards may be even higher than the standards of the Chinese championship, where we successfully defended our last year´s victory this season,“ were the comments on his successes uttered by the double European and now also double Chinese champion. He did not reveal any personal plans for next year yet, though. ”This season has only just ended and now I would like to enjoy some free time after all. But you will certainly see me in a race again,” he added.

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