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Petr Bošnakov - 15.09.2020

Lacko celebrates a dreamful start

Despite this year’s truck racing season is far from normal, the numbers are clear. Even though the competition includes names like Jochen Hahn, Antonio Albacete or Norbert Kiss, drivers who have together won nine championship titles between 2010 and 2019, it is Adam Lacko who has 7 wins in 11 races after the first three rounds at Most, Nogaro and Zolder. Lacko is also the only driver, who has managed to beat those three drivers in the last ten years.


Lacko celebrates a dreamful start

Also, Adam did not lose a single race with Hahn or Albacete, which already happened at Nürburgring back in 2017. “The only difference is that we had four races in Zolder, while in Germany there were only three, as the final race was cancelled due to the rain. It’s a shame that the Czech race took example in it,” said Adam. “But it’s true that I didn’t have such a dominant share of victories in such an elite group before.”


However, it is not all about Adam’s fantastic form this year. It is also about a working technical side of things, including a DV 50 racing special, built entirely by David Vršecký for the first time. And the truck is not showing any weaknesses so far. “It’s going to happen eventually. Nothing can ever be so good that it couldn’t be improved. The fact is, that the current story of the unbeatable DV50 has begun with last year’s VK50. Pretty much the whole past season was about building a really top machine, which we’ve managed to do,” said the European champion from 2017. “We already spoke about it with Martin, David and Robin. We’ve agreed that we know where and how we want to move forward from that,” added Vršecký.

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