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Luboš Veselý - 24.09.2017

Lacko Celebrates His Birthday by Victory

Lacko Celebrates His Birthday by Victory

The interim leader of the championship, Adam Lacko, gave himself a present to his 33th birthday in Le Mans in the form of one victory. Thus he will carry to the last racing weekend of the season in Jarama an advantage of 45 score points. The seventh man of the interim ranking, David Vršecký, added two sixth ranks to his account and reigns, together with Lacko, the Constructors´ Cup.




The balanced Saturday time practice was not up to the expectations of the interim leader of the championship, Adam Lacko, making him start the first race from the fourth row. “There is nothing much to say to that. The circuit conditions have been quite wild since the morning, dry in places and wet in others, hard to cope with. But I did not expect so bad result, “ commented the disappointed Lacko.

David Vršecký achieved a lap time five hundredths of a second better than his team mate and thus obtained his starting position in the third row. “An incredibly tight time practice, hundredths of a second being decisive there. Unfortunately, Adam and me were not as successful as we would have wished, but that need not mean anything disastrous, only that we will have to struggle hard in the race,” said Vršecký.

First Race

Adam Lacko paid for the poor start of the pilots in front of him and dropped to the second ten. Finally he managed to make his way to the final seventh rank. “Kiss overslept at the start and I had no room to advance. When they told me I was raking eleventh, I tried to do the best I could. I am glad for the final seventh rank. We will have to change the settings, this is not the ideal condition at all,“ was the comment of the native of Čeladná on the first race.

The double European Champion David Vršecký finally ranked right behind the podium in the first race. “Unlike Adam, I was successful at the start and moved forward. Then I quarrelled with Kiss for the third rank and finally ended right below the podium. But I am satisfied with my rank,“ said Vršecký after the first race.

Second Race

The start to the second race was again not up to Adam´s expectations. Due to a combination of a technical issue and excessive aggressiveness of the rivals he dropped in the ranking, finally crossing the finish line ranking eighth. “I could not change gears after start and that was the beginning of a problem. I also do not understand what Sascha (Lenz) did there, he pushed me completely off the track, unnecessarily. Better to forget about today and turn it upside down tomorrow,“ commented at the end of the first racing day the disappointed Lacko, with the overall advantage over the second ranking Hahn 38 points after this Saturday.

David Vršecký made use of hesitation of his rivals at the start an squeezed to the third rank. However, the collision of Lacko and Lenz moved him down o the final fourth rank. “My start was quite successful and I was very happy about that. The truck worked perfectly, pity Adam and Lenz blocked my way and I lost a podium rank,“ was Vršecký´s comment on the second race of the weekend.



Super Pole

Adam Lacko achieved a big improvement in comparison to Saturday and achieved starting position in the first row by his second best lap time. “I am happy. We worked on the truck overnight and the work bears its fruit. I will see what the race will be like but I can feel the improvement,“ said Lacko after the super pole.


The new Chinese champion David Vršecký obtained start from the third row in the first Sunday race. “Super, good work. Although I expected a little better result, I think the third row will allow for giving it a try,“ commented Vršecký on the time practice.


Third Race

The opening Sunday race was very successful for number one pilot of the Buggyra Racingteam Adam Lack, when he took the lead in the second curve and held it until the end of the race against the attacking Lenz. “I am very glad we are back in the game after yesterday´s trouble. I succeeded at the start and them I only had to watch for Sasha (Lenz) in my rear view mirrors. I must say he tried really hard,“ Lacko could not hide his happiness.


David Vršecký ended the third race of the weekend with the sixth rank, his starting position for the race. “There was some mess at the start, a little of a chaos, but I got out of it without loss. I am glad for Adam and for the whole team, for we have increased a little our advantage in the Constructors´ Cup,“ said the satisfied Vršecký.


Fourth Race

Adam Lacko ranked fifth in the last race of the weekend, but moved to the final fourth rank after penalisation of Lenz for over-speeding. “avid and I managed the start well. Then I did not chase anybody and drove tactically for there was no point in risking,“ said Adam after the fourth race, who will carry an advantage of 45 points over the second ranking Hahn to the last racing weekend in Spain. “The last 60 score points are still in the game and after the Saturday experience I would be careful with premature celebration. We will see in Spain in two weeks, certainly the last weekend will not be easy at all,” he added.


The seventh man of the overall ranking, David Vršecký, ended the Le Mans racing weekend with the sixth rank. “When entering the final straight Hahn pushed me off the track. I do not understand what he was up to, so I will certainly want to see the records,“ said Vršecký. “I must praise Adam for tactical driving. There was no point in risking non-completion of the race,“ added Vršecký, whose loss after the seventh ranking Korber is mere five points.


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