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Luboš Veselý - 29.09.2019

Lacko Clearly Controls Third Race in Le Mans and Approached Silver Overall!

Lacko Clearly Controls Third Race in Le Mans and Approached Silver Overall!

The acting vice-champion in European Truck Racing controls the first Sunday race and assures another historical milestone for the Buggyra Racing team. He also reduces his loss after Albacete to three score points. After the last but one racing weekend of FIA ETRC Oly Janes heads towards overall victory in the Grammer Cup. The Buggyra team also scores a victorious “treble“!




Adam Lacko´s lap time in the opening time practice was the fourth quickest. “I did my best but only managed to secure for myself start from the second row. The key thing will be to start well and get in front of Antonio, who will stand on the starting grid next to me. We must collect points here lost in the last race in Zolder. I will struggle hard,“ said Lacko with determination.


Oly Janes raked fourteenth after the first part of the time practice. “I managed to speed up in comparison to the free practice, but only to start from the seventh row. I will have to sell my experience collected in the past races and make my way forward as much as I can. I cannot see Top 10 as a non-resolvable riddle, hope I will succeed,“ stated Oly.



Adam Lacko finished the opening cup race right below the podium. “The start was very strange, for here the starting grid is newly moved by about two hundred meters and I expected the start much later,“ noted Adam about the beginning of the race. “I was thinking about a podium rank, but unfortunately I was not successful enough for that. But nothing is lost yet, now in the handicap race I will work hard. I hope for a better success.“


The British pilot with the starting number 22 ranked eleventh. “Pity. Such a tiny little bit after the Top 10, but I received a blow to my rear wheel right at the beginning of the race, I think from Gibbon, and dropped behind. I did my best but in vain. I hope I will succeed in the second race scheduled for today,“ said Janes.



Adam Lacko did work hard in the second race and finished with the bronze rank. “I am satisfied. I managed the start well and worked my way from the fifth to the third rank. There I stayed and kept attacking Steffi. The culmination came in the last curve of the race where we drove side by side, but she did not leave any room for me and watched her rank expertly. Today I neither reduced nor increased my loss after Antonio. I hope for a better tomorrow and a chance to reduce my loss. There is still a lot to fight for,“ said Lacko.


The interim leader of the Grammer Cup ranked tenth in the handicap race. “I am pleased. I managed to end in the Top Ten and win the silver cup. I believe in a better lap time in tomorrow´s time practice and some improvement of the tenth rank,“ Janes´ voice sounded firmly.




On Sunday morning the Le Mans circuit was showered with rain, a condition that could be utilised by Adam Lacko who got his premiere pole position in this season! And his advantage over the rest of the starting field was more than one and a half seconds. “Already when I got up in the morning and looked out of the window to see the rain I began to feel that today I might manage after all, and I did. I am very happy indeed, but now I must make use of the advantage at the start in the race. A little afternoon shower would be desirable, but not as in Most, please,” hoped Lacko with a smile.


Oly Janes scored his best so far time practice result in the Sunday time practice where he ranked seventh. “Wow. That is absolutely wonderful. I felt good behind the steering wheel and when the boys told me after the first part that I ranked seventh I thought that was another practical joke on their side. Well, now the only thing left is to start well into the race and fight for the top ranks.“



Adam Lacko made maximum use of the start from the pole position and the wet road and controlled the race from the start to the finish. He at the same time obtained another jubilee for Buggyra – 200th cup for the first rank in individual pilots´ competition since the foundation of the Buggyra team in 2001. “My enthusiasm is infinite. The first victory in a main race this season is mine. I drove through the whole race without mistakes and with very good lap times each lap. The audience might find it boring but I had to concentrate in order not to give anybody a chance to catch me. This victory with VK50 brings another jubilee cup to Buggyra, which only doubles my pleasure.“


The Briton in Buggyra service balanced his to-date best result by defending his starting position. “I cannot believe it. For some time I even ranked sixth and approached the top five, but in the last lap, before the finish straight, I slipped a little, Steffi made use of it and overtook me. Now I am up to a start from the first row, and I hope I will manage better than the first time when I dropped by several ranks right after start.“


Thanks to Lacko´s victory, Janes´ first rank in the Grammer Cup and control over the Constructors´ Cup the whole Buggyra team could celebrate their premiere victorious “treble“!



Adam Lacko finished the final, handicap race with the sixth rank. After additional penalisation of Albacete for shortening the route he moved up to the fifth rank, in front of the very same Spanish pilot. “I am satisfied. Although my final rank was only thanks to the jury decision, the score for the fifth rank counts. Antonio shortened the route and obtained a significant advantage. I managed to reduce his advantage to mere three score points, which will exert pressure on Antonio before the domestic race. This will be a battle until the last metre. I am prepared to put everything that is in me into the Spanish races, I wish it pays back,“ were Adam´s last words about the weekend.

Oly did not manage the start of the last race of the weekend too well and immediately in the first “S” curve dropped in the ranking. Finally he crossed the finish line ranking eighth. “This is a great pity. There was a big mess in the first curve and I dropped. But I am still in the Top Ten. Despite the last race I am leaving Le Mans much satisfied. I have collected four cups, increased my advantage in the Grammer Cup and helped the team to the first victory in the Constructors´ Cup.“

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