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Luboš Veselý - 16.09.2018

Lacko Climbs Podium in Zolder on Sunday Again. Janes Twice in Top 10!

Lacko Climbs Podium in Zolder on Sunday Again. Janes Twice in Top 10!

Adam Lacko ranked third and seventh on Sunday in Belgium. In the overall ranking he fixed his second interim rank before the currently third-ranking Albacete. Oly Janes matched his best result in Most by two ninth ranks. In the team competition Buggyra continues to hold the third rank!



In the opening super pole in Belgium Adam Lacko achieved the third best lap time, with Albacete shocking with the victory in the second round of the time practice. “Antonio surprised with his victory. The second starting position would be ok for me for it may even be an advantage, considering the orientation of the first curve. The third starting position will make things a little more complicated here. But I will try to do something about it,“ said Lacko.


Oly Janes, the second pilot in Buggyra colours ranked twelfth overall in the time practice. “Zolder is a very difficult circuit. But considering that I covered my very first laps here yesterday I am satisfied with the result. For the premiere at the circuit the start from the sixth row is very good,“ said Oly.



The champion title defender succeeded to start well for the first race of the weekend and moved to the second rank before the current leader of the championship Jochen Hahn. Lacko managed to keep him behind his back despite his dangerous attacks and finished the race with the second rank after the victorious Antonio Albacete. This was Lacko´s twelfth podium rank in the current season. “The start was very good, I took advantage from the starting mess and squeezed to the second rank behind Albacete. For half of the race I had to work hard to keep Jochen behind me. In the second half I concentrated on Albacete. But he drove much too well,“ was Lacko´s comment on the first cup race of the weekend.


Oly Janes ended the opening race with the eleventh rank, and the silver rank in the newcomer classification. “I am satisfied. Considering that I have covered just a few laps here so far the second rank in Grammer Cup is very good,“ is how Oly spoke about the race.



After the compulsory starting position switch Adam Lacko started the second Saturday race from the fourth row. He advanced forward step by step but in the tenth lap of the total twelve his brake disc betrayed him and he had to give up the rest of the race unwillingly. “After start I made my way forward but I was held back by Kiss a lot, who did not want to give up his rank in my favour easily. This circuit places great demand on the brakes which became fatal for us this time. Pity, especially because Jochen ranked second in the end. This is maybe the fourth year in succession when we are unable to finish all four races here,“ said Lacko in disappointment after the second cup race. Despite the unfinished race Adam increased his advantage over the third-ranking Kiss to 29 points.


The native of Bristol, despite the imposed “Drive through penalty“ for overspeeding after start finally ranked twelfth. “After start I did not watch for my speed and was penalised, which could have been avoided, but then I could do nothing about it any longer. The circuit is very demanding but I am beginning to see into its depths. I home to add a score point tomorrow,“ concluded Oly. 




Adam Lacko assured start from the second row in the Sunday time practice. “My first lap was not very good. Although in the second I improved my lap time a little, I could not manage better than the second row. I will have to work better in the race,” commented the overall second-ranking pilot on his time practice performance.


Oly Janes qualified for the super pole for a second time in his premiere season by ranking tenth in the time practice. “I am extremely happy about my advance to the super pole. To achieve a lap time below two minutes is super, I am looking forward to the race,“ stated the good-tempered British pilot.



The acting European champion added another cup to his collection by ranking third in the race. “At the start Sasha advanced among us and so there was nothing much left for me, but he did not stand the pressure and Antonio and I managed to overtake him. But the duel with him cost me a lot of time and I could not finally achieve any better than the third rank despite my efforts. But I am glad for the podium,” described Adam the race at its end. 


Oly Janes completed another successful race, ranking tenth and winning the newcomer classification. ”I am enthusiastic. To score again and to win the Grammer Cup at a circuit as difficult as this is a huge success for me,“ said Oly, who moved to the final ninth rank after the end of the race for the thirty-second penalisation of Kiss. 



The last race of the weekend was not up to Adam Lacko´s expectations as he ranked seventh in it. “This was a strange race. There was nothing much I could do at the start. Then Kiss tried to overtake me unscrupulously, finally pressing me against the wall and to the seventh rank. I could not improve it any more after that.“


The third pilot in the Grammer Cup classification ranked ninth in the final race of the weekend and second in the newcomer category, adding another two points in his overall score. “This was a very hectic race. After start I dropped to the fourteenth rank but finally I managed to advance to the ninth final rank. The second rank among newcomers is also super. I am leaving Zolder satisfied,“ concluded Oly on his Belgian performance.

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