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Petr Bošnakov - 31.03.2017

Lacko confirmed number one, second pilot yet to be negotiated

Lacko confirmed number one, second pilot yet to be negotiated

The end of last week was marked by the traditional premiere testing by the Buggyra Racing team. While Adam Lacko remains the confirmed pilot number one, the position of the second pilot is still between question marks!

There are interested pilots, but Buggyra again longs for the individual champion title, and the selection of the second pilot of the team should match this desire. “Not that the second pilot would be strongly pushed to the background but Adam is our clear priority this season. We say to ourselves that there was enough of MAN,” said the visibly high-spirited team manager Jan Kalivoda, who produced the ace of honours in Most represented by Martin Kolomý.  

Although the winner of two Dakar stages approached the testing as a prestigious event, at this moment Lacko, Hahn and Kiss seem not to be threatened yet. “I always like to drive the circuit racing special, anyway, am I not the first Chinese circuit champion?! Buggyra is very interesting for me from the technological point of view, as it offers several original design solutions, which, however, I cannot comment on, because they are confidential and the competitors should not learn about them,“ said Martin in the middle of the testing, remaining ambiguous as concerned his potential circuit career. “As I like work well done and the Dakar Bedouin is still missing in my collection of trophies rally remains my priority. But the life has taught me to never say never.

The same opinion is held by Adam Lacko, who is still too busy to waste time. “hat to say about the truck? The testing has confirmed what winter suggested, we have moved in the desired direction another step. Although the data are still to be evaluated, my feeling is good and I do trust my feelings, considering my experience. Although we again begin at the Red Bull Ring, in contradiction to the piloting logic, I look forward to the first race a lot.”


A little in the shadow of the official testing by Martin Kolomý and Adam Lacko was another man trying Buggyra in Most, the the experienced Croatian pilot Niko Pulic.


The multiple champion of the Old Continent in uphill racing defended Mercedes colours together with Jochen Hahn and Markus Östreich in the years 2005 – 2006. And he was not bad at all. In his very first season he ranked third in Jarama, his best achievement being the second rank after Gerd Körber in Zolder 2006. “He got used to the race truck quite quickly for an uphill racing pilot. Sometimes a little too vigorous, but that is part of racing,“ confirmed David Vršecký, who also appreciated his Most performance. “He manifests experience and adequate respect for the truck. He would certainly score decently.“

“I must say Buggyra is still a very good truck. I did not visit Most only to drive a race truck again after a while. But that is I have to say at this moment,” said Niko Pulic in his comment on the testing.


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