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Lacko confirms his pace, Calvet fastest in Grammer Cup and both Koloc sisters in 3rd place

Finally, the waiting is over! This year’s European Truck Racing Championship season has begun with first practice sessions at Autodrom Most. And youngsters from Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing show, they are here to fight.


Lacko confirms his pace, Calvet fastest in Grammer Cup and both Koloc sisters in 3rd place

“I think we can be happy already with our first times, which applies to me, Téo and Aliyyah. We all had a good start, let’s wait and see how it’s going to be in tomorrow’s qualifying,” said Adam Lacko after the Friday’s practice sessions. Lacko showed that he is ready, even after an 11-month break, as he set the 2nd fastest time with 2:02:577.

Most of the attention was on the youngest ever driver in this series. In her first official practice session, Aliyyah Koloc set her personal best time at Autodrom Most and finished in 10th place in the standings. She also took 3rd place in the Grammar Cup, just 2 positions behind Téo Calvet, who is definitely aiming to win this category.

“Our times are really great. Téo took the 7th place in the first practice, then improved by another position in the second practice, and he was really close to the drivers in front of him. Aliyyah’s best time was 2:04:058, which is a really great result. If she can keep this pace in races as well, and for the rest of the season, then she will surpass all our expectations that we had coming into the season,” said David Vršecký, a chief constructor of Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing, on both youngsters.

But also, the other Koloc sister has come to Most to succeed. Yasmeen is racing in the support Clio Cup series, where she set the 3rd fastest time in the Junior category while finishing 11th in the overall standings. The European Truck Racing Championship and the Clio Cup series continue tomorrow morning with qualifying sessions and then after lunch, the 2020 season fully begins with the first races of the season. And like the results show, it will be fun.

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