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Luboš Veselý - 16.07.2017

Lacko Defends Big Advantage in Championship Lead

Lacko Defends Big Advantage in Championship Lead

In the first in history truck race in Slovakia Adam Lacko added to his score one second, one third and two fourth ranks and continues to keep his big advantage in the lead of the championship. His team mate Vršecký scored 20 points helping him get to the top ten and the Buggyra Racing team to maintain the leading rank in the Constructors´ Cup.




Adam Lacko ranked third in the time practice with the shortest loss after the second ranking Albacete in the length of 1 thousandth of a second and thus could start from the second row in the starting grid. “We use new tyres today and the result is immediately felt and is much better. Norbert Kiss has excellent lap times here, with the second sector especially strong. It was a nice wrangle with Antonio, it is only a pity that the luck was not on our side,” commented Lacko on the first time practice of the weekend.


The second pilot of the Buggyra Racing team David Vršecký assured start from the third row for himself by sixth best lap time. “My truck was slipping in the time practice so I had to bet on certainty in the first lap. In the second lap I was quicker but in the end I caught up with the slower trucks and so I did not have clear trail,” were the assessing words of the double European champion.


Race 1

Adam Lacko, starting from the third position in the starting grid, managed to win the second rank in the first in history truck race in Slovakia, after overtaking the German pilot Hahn in the middle of the race. “After start Halm stuck to my rear bumpers for a little chase so it was not easy to keep my rank, but I did. Then I only had to wait for Hahn to make a mistake and finally I overtook him, much to my satisfaction,” commented the native of Čeladná on the first race of the day.


David Vršecký started the first scored ride from the sixth starting position and the same was his final rank in the race. “I managed the start well but we struggle with the settings here a little, so I think this was my maximum,” was Vršecký´s conclusion on the first scored ride.


Race 2

Lacko successfully started the second Saturday race with the help of his team mate Vršecký and advanced to the fourth rank behind the German pilot Körber, who did not manage to resist Lacko´s pressure and let him overtake in the middle of the race. “An interesting race, with a successful start, also thanks to David, who opened space for me to advance, and then I enjoyed the duel with Gerd. I am very glad that in front of the nearly domestic audience I managed to win another cup. The fans are fantastic here and two podiums ranks per day is a success indeed,“ praised Lacko the atmosphere of the races.


David Vršecký contributed with five points to the team score in the Constructors´ Cup and thus reinforced the leading rank of his team. Only he did not enjoy the race too much. “I literally suffered through it as right before start I again got one of my horrible headaches. I must go to bed right now to be prepared for tomorrow,“ commented Vršecký on his health problems.




In the Sunday time practice marked with bright skies and sunshine Adam Lacko obtained the fourth starting position thanks to the fourth quickest lap time. “Considering the length of the circuit the times are very balanced,“ he pointed to the fact that the lap times of the first five pilots were squeezed into a single second. “We are not very lucky in the time practice and have to make up for it in the race,“ added Lacko.


David Vršecký, like in the Saturday time practice, achieved the sixth best lap time and lined up after Adam at the start. “The warmer weather has reflected in the lap times. I did not make any mistake but still my lap time was only the sixth quickest,“ commented Vršecký.



Adam Lacko started from an outer position in the starting grid, to his disadvantage in the first curve. In the end he managed to fight this disadvantage back and advance to the fourth rank after the German pilot Hahn, whose back he managed to keep within sight till the end of the race, without being able to overtake him. “The outer trail is a disadvantage for the three right turns and I paid for it this time. But it could have been even worse. Pity I did not manage to overtake Hahn this time, I waited for a little mistake on his side and he did not make it,“ commented the overall interim leader of the championship on the third race of the weekend.


In the first Sunday race David Vršecký ranked sixth like on Saturday and in the Sunday time practice, as if this weekend was marked with number six for him. “The start was a real mess, luckily we did not lose the race and Adam could continue to fight. I felt a little better about the race so perhaps the last one will be the best,” said the double European champion.



Adam Lacko managed to squeeze to the fourth rank in the mess at the start, and this was also the best he could achieve today. “A second potato, pity, I wanted to add one more cup, but the field was very equal and I could not manage more today. The positive fact is that I have managed to keep a relatively big advantage in the leading rank of the championship,” said Lacko at the end of the weekend with satisfaction.


The second pilot of the Buggyra Racing team David Vršecký did not improve his three six ranks from the previous races and was the eighth to cross the finish line of the last race. “Gerd (Körber) overslept at the start and then there was no reason to hold Adam behind me. I had a lot of work with Albacete, whose truck was clearly running better and he overtook me in the last lap,“ closed Vršecký the evaluation of the whole racing weekend.

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