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Luboš Veselý - 27.05.2018

Lacko, Despite Health Problems, Brings Home from Misano Important Score Poins!

Lacko, Despite Health Problems, Brings Home from Misano Important Score Poins!

Although only a couple of days before the opening racing weekend of FIA ETRC 2018 the acting European Champion seemed to be forced to skip the Italian racing for health reasons, he finally brings home from Italy two silver ranks and important score points for the final settlement of accounts. The British pilot Oly Janes received two podium ranks in the newcomer category scoring at his premiere in the European Race Truck Cup.



Adam Lacko, struggling with his rivals and with his post-operative condition, fought in the time practice for the position among the Top 3, which he missed by mere three tenths of a second in the final score. “I try not to think of my health condition but it keeps limiting me nevertheless. Since the morning we have in addition sought the correct brake setting, so far not very successfully. We have to think up something quickly for the race,“ said Lacko.


For me this was still getting to know the circuit, but I believe we are on the right track, although the results do not show that. I must put the information received from Adam to practice and then we will see,“ was the comment on the time practice by the British pilot Oly Janes.



The first laps of the first race of this season were very messy. Due to technical problems of Frankie Vojtíšek, finally affecting Janiec and Janes who were blamelessly harmed by the situation, the race had to be interrupted. Adam Lacko forgot about his health complications and squeezed to the third rank in the second curve where he eventually finished the race. After penalisation of Albacete he even moved a rank forward. “Luckily I succeeded in the restart and managed to grasp the third rank. Then I only needed to avoid mistakes for any slightest hesitation would mean a drop in the ranking. We made the maximum of it for what it had looked like in the morning,“ was Adam´s view of the opening race of the season.


Oly Janes experienced a bad-luck premiere when after a successful start he slipped on an oil pool and crashed into the barriers. “After start I successfully managed to avoid all collisions and squeeze to the thirteenth rank. But then right in front of me Frankie Vojtíšek´s truck exploded and began to burn. The diesel leaking from it made me spin and hit the crash barriers. A quite wild experience for my first race, but I survived in good health, luckily. I hope this was my piece of bad luck on stock for beginners and now things will only be better,“ stated the British pilot, who had to give up his first European race unwillingly.



Adam Lacko started successfully in the second race again, making use of the hesitation of his rivals in front of him, and taking the third rank right since the beginning. However, he was not prepared to be satisfied with this rank, though. In the last but one lap he made Janiec make a mistake and pushed his truck forward to the final silver rank. “I am extremely happy. I was a little lucky at the start, avoiding the mess in front of me and grasping the third rank. Then I only waited for Janiec´s mistake, which came in the last but one lap. I had to watch for Hahn, who finally ranked fourth so I reduced his advantage by some points. I am very happy for today. The result has exceeded all expectations, considering the circumstances,” rejoiced Lacko after Saturday, losing mere three points after the leader Hahn.


Oly Janes, the second pilot racing in the Buggyra colours, will still have to wait for a while for his first European score points. He ranked eleventh in the second Saturday race, which brought him the third rank in the newcomer scoring. “I did enjoy the race, and I crossed the finish line for the first time, which is a step forward after the first race. In the middle of the race I overheated the tyres, which knocked me backward in the ranking. But I am very pleased with the eleventh rank and the third rank in the Promoters Cup. I hope the first score points will come tomorrow,“ believed the native of Bristol.




Adam Lacko ranked sixth in the Sunday time practice, like in Saturday´s. “Jochen (Hahn) looks like driving his own race,“ is how Adam pointed out to the fact that the German pilot ended with the advantage of at least a half of a second in front of all. “I took out of my truck all that was possible, but we expected a better rank. I will have to pull more vigorously in the race again,” was the assessment of the Sunday super pole by the acting European champion Adam Lacko.


Oly Janes assured for himself start from the seventh row by his fourteenth best lap time in the time practice. “Nervousness certainly plays a role. To have just a single chance to achieve the quickest lap time is new and a little stressing for me. I must cope with it better next time,“ said Janes.



For Adam Lacko the third race was a struggle for survival rather than for a top rank. “This was tight. I am glad I finished at least. At the start somebody stepped on the pedal in front of me and I was stuck. In addition in the first curve Sasha broke my tyre. Then I just tried to reach the finish. I must see the video to learn what happened there,“ said Adam, who, despite the complications, finally scored in the race, which was maximum he could achieve, given the circumstances.


The race was not fortunate for Lacko´s team mate Oly Janes either. He had to step out after the third lap. ”I do not know what happened. I could not accelerate after start and had to drive at 80% of the full power at the maximum. In the fourth lap I gave up for there was no point in continuing. I hope we will put my truck together for the last race,“ were the summarising words of the disappointed Janes.



Although Lacko seemed to have collected his full portion of bad luck in the previous race, the opposite was true. After a crash in the opening metres of the race his steering ceased working and he was forced to give up after the sixth lap. “I was hit after start and my steering stopped working. Unfortunately too irregularly for me to know when it would work and when not. I ended outside the track a couple of times. There was no point in struggling with it further and I decided to give up my tenth rank. It would have been a vain hazard,“ said Lacko, who had raced for the whole weekend with considerable self-denial.


Oly Janes, the newcomer to the Buggyra colours, crossed the finish line raking eleventh, for the second time this weekend. This brought him the second rank in the Promoters Cup. “Of course I am very happy, managing to improve the best result of this weekend so far, and win the second rank in the newcomers´ competition. All in all, there is still a lot for me to learn to join the elite. But I have enjoyed my first weekend and I am looking forward to Hungary,“ stated Janes at the end of the weekend, bringing home from Italy two cups.


I must raise my hat Adam. To race after so complicated surgery and under such conditions and to win two silver ranks is a wonderful result. I could see the self-denial he drove with but he overcame that and brings important score points from Italy, despite the unlucky Sunday” were the words of praise for the number one of the team by the team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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