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Luboš Veselý - 07.10.2018

Lacko European Vice Champion for a Third Time!

Lacko European Vice Champion for a Third Time!

Adam Lacko, in control of his fortune, assured his European vice champion title in the very first Sunday race, where he ranked third. His team mate Oly Janes occupied the same third rank in the Grammers Cup. The Buggyra Racing team then achieved a sensational success in the Constructors´ Cup with the third rank.  




The second ranking pilot of the overall ranking qualified for the opening race of the weekend with the fifth quickest lap time. “They laid a new road carpet for this season like Le Mans but this is a lot better and coarser. I am not much satisfied with the fifth lap time for all my rivals are above me. The start will decide a lot of the final race result, I wish I manage it well,“ hoped Lacko before the first race.


Oly Janes assured start from the seventh row in the first time practice of the weekend. “Today was my very first ride on this circuit in my life so I must still learn it a little. I believe in an improvement in the next rides,“ said Oly, whose truck had to undergo clutch replacement after super pole. “In the course of the time practice Oly reported to us that his clutch slipped. We did not want to risk anything and decided to replace it, to be on the safe side,” explained the replacement the racing engineer of the team Robin Dolejš. 



The opening race of the weekend had to be interrupted after the first couple of hundred metres for a big collision in the fourth curve, fatal, among others, for Lacko´s greatest competitor in the battle for the second overall rank, the Hungarian pilot Kiss. “A big mess this was. First Kiss swept Albacete off the road. When Norbert tried to return he closed me up and I hit him in the rear left wheel. He began spinning and subsequently received hits from another about three trucks. At that time I was luckily in front of him,“ commented Lacko on the incident from the beginning of the race. ”I am happy with the third rank, right after Antonio, which is great. There is no point now in fighting for every rank, I rather need to drive cleverly and keep the advantage,“ added the satisfied Lacko, climbing the podium for the fifteenth time this season. The Hungarian pilot Kiss in addition received a penalisation after the race for causing the above described collision in the form of a loss of five positions in the starting grid of the next race.


Oly Janes ranked eleventh in the race and third in the Grammers Cup. ”I am satisfied with this. I have another bronze cup from the newcomers´ competition. In the second race I will start after Faas and so I will try to get in front of him as soon as I can. There is still a chance for the second overall rank,“ said Oly.



Adam Lacko finished the second cup race with the ninth rank. “Pity. I found myself off the track twice for blocked brakes. Antonio utilised my trouble for overtaking me. But luckily my loss after him is not big. I see the advantage of nineteen points as still comfortable. Tomorrow the first race will decide a lot,“ predicted Lacko, who climbed the podium at least once on every racing weekend of this season.


The British pilot crossed the finish line of the second race right after the Top 10. “I had a good start and managed to advance. I fought at my maximum. I am satisfied with the two third ranks in the newcomers´ ranking,“ said Janes after the race. Janes holds the bronze rank in the Grammers Cup. He loses eleven points after the second ranking Faas after Saturday.




The Sunday time practice was much better for Adam with the third best lap time. ”I am glad for that. I will start from the second row after Jochen, which may be an advantage. I will see what I can take out of that in the race. Anything may happen. Like yesterday,“ said Adam.


Oly Janes achieved the twelfth lap time and start from the second row in the third cup race. “I feel more and more certain here after every ride. I have improved my lap time by more than a second since yesterday. I am looking forward to the race.“



Adam Lacko ranked third in the opening Sunday race, thus securing the European Vice Champion title for himself. “I was calm, especially when Kiss dropped off. I knew that even Sasha can overtake me without my losing the overall rank,“ was Adam´s comment on the race. “I am satisfied, considering the circumstances that accompanied this championship. The silver rank means the same to me this year like last year´s champion title. When I look back at the beginning of the season the silver is like a fairy-tale,“ rejoiced Lacko, for a third time in his careen winning the European Vice Champion title.


Oly Janes ranked tenth in the third cup race and second in the Grammers Cup. “My feelings after this race are positive. I left Faas behind me and reduced his advantage by a couple of points. The last race will decide. I will fight, either to win or to lose,“ said the British pilot in Buggyra colours with determination.



Adam Lacko closed the championship season with the fifth rank in the last race. “I only enjoyed the last race. I had nothing more to struggle for so I did not want to force advancement at any cost and rather calmly drove to the finish,“ commented the last race of the season the second-ranking pilot of the championship, Adam Lacko.


The chances for the silver rank in the newcomers´ competition were lost already in the second lap when Oly Janes dropped below his rival in the battle for the silver rank, the German pilot Faas. ”I regret it. I fought at my best but unfortunately unsuccessfully. Despite that I am satisfied overall. The third rank in the newcomers´ competition in my premiere European season is beyond my original expectations.“

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