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Luboš Veselý - 15.07.2018

Lacko Fixes Second Rank. Premiere Score for Janes

Lacko Fixes Second Rank. Premiere Score for Janes

The greatest motor sport event of the year in Slovakia is over. Thanks to two podium ranks Adam Lacko has fixed his second overall rank. Buggyra number two piloted by Oly Janes has scored the so far greatest success of this season today.



The European champion title defender Adam Lacko started the racing weekend in Slovakia excellently and qualified for the first race with the best lap time. “Super, I am enthusiastic. To win the time practice after yesterday´s torment and on nearly domestic ground is really pleasing. Now I only need to transform this advantage to a podium rank in the race to be completely satisfied,” was the happy Lacko´s comment on the time practice.


Oly Janes scored his best time practice result by his eleventh´s best lap time. “I am happy. I have managed a decent lap time, and the eleventh rank is so far my best result in the time practice. I hope I am getting to gain steam,“ said Oly Janes.


The start of the first scored race was not up to Lacko´s expectations and he dropped to the fourth rank. “My clutch slipped after start and I could only look at everybody overtaking me. At least I improved my appetite by making Sasha nervous and overtaking him in the last lap, up to the podium,” said Lacko.


Oly Janes ranked thirteenth in the first race of the weekend. “Making a mistake I ended off the track and had to work hard not to stay buried in the pebbles. Never mind, the drive was nice and I hope for a better result in the second race,“ hoped Janes.


At the start of the second race Adam Lacko paid for aggressiveness of the rest of the starting field, when he ended off the track due to a collision between Kiss and Kursim. Then he managed to advance forward to the eighth rank. “I started well but then I could see Kursim spinning and wanted to brake. Unfortunately, he shot me off and we both ended in the pebbles. Although I did enjoy the chase from the last rank I certainly wanted more,“ commented Lacko on the second race.


The pilot number two of the Buggyra team Oly Janes did not improve his rank in the second race and ranked fourteenth. “Until the half all was good, but then technology problems. We have to take a look what happened there,” said Janes.






Adam Lacko repeated his excellent Saturday result and won the pole position by the best lap time. “Excellent. I am really pleased by having won both time practices of the weekend. The tyres work for one lap here and I managed to get the most out of that. But it was a near miss,” was Lacko´s comment on the Sunday time practice.


Oly Janes´ lap time meant start from the seventh row. “I made some mistakes in the first lap and then tried to make up for it in the second. All looked well but then Vojtíšek appeared there and slowed me down a little bit,” said Janes.



Adam Lacko improved his Saturday position, this time ranking second. “This time I started well and all looked like a success in the beginning. But the Jochen sent it to me in the last curve before the finish straight and I could not do anything about it. But I am glad for the second rank score,“ stated  Lacko.


Oly Janes will remember this race for ever as the first race in his life where he scored in the European Truck-Racing Championship. He ranked tenth. “I am very glad. Only pity for the penalisation, but even so the result is wonderful. I am most pleased with the fact that my lap times were goods and I drove stinking to the lead,“ rejoiced Oly, who also received the cup for the third rank in the Grammer Cup.



Adam Lacko ranked fifth in the last scored race of the weekend. “We knew there was not much to be done with the start from the fourth row. The tyres have been through something so far, an in addition the heat. I am glad for my raking, in the end,“ said Lacko, who fixed his second overall rank the championship.


The second Buggyra pilot Oly Janes had to defend his position for the whole last race of the weekend, especially against Albacete´ s and Brereton´s  raids. “The ”national“ duel was then won by Brereton, where on the straight he managed to overtake Oly by mere 3 hundredths of a second. “A beautiful race indeed. The last races are somehow most successful for me. Pity I was eventually overcome by Shane on the straight, I do regret it, but I will let nobody disturb my final podium my. I look forward to Most,“ were the concluding words of Oly Janes about the whole weekend, after bringing home form Slovakia two bronze cups and his premiere score.


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