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Luboš Veselý - 21.07.2019

Lacko in Germany Attracts Fans to Most. Third Overall Already!

Lacko in Germany Attracts Fans to Most. Third Overall Already!

Adam Lacko, European Champion of 2017, after the excellent victory on Saturday, adds a bronze medal on Sunday and ranks third overall, together with the Hungarian pilot Kiss. Oly Janes defends the lead in Grammer Cup in fierce competition.




The fourth ranking Adam Lacko had the seventh best lap time in the opening super pole. “The super pole was quite balanced. I tried to squeeze as much as I could from the vehicle, but the seventh rank was the maximum I could do today. We have to make a couple of changes to the truck before tomorrow. I believe they will work and reflect as an improvement in the race. As usual, dozens of thousand fans prepare to arrive here. Already today the tribunes were quite crowded, so I look very much forward to tomorrow,“ said Lacko after the time practice.


Oly Janes, the second pilot of Buggyra, had the sixteenth best lap time in the first part of the time practice. “Here in Germany the starting field is quite crowded as usual. It includes twenty five vehicles, which is the largest number in the season, and to assert oneself is much more difficult here. Of course I believed in a better starting position, but I will have to cope with what I received tomorrow. I believe the first curve will be tight and very attractive for the audience. I look forward.“




Adam Lacko, pilot number one of the Buggyra Racing team, ranked sixth in the first race. “The most important thing now is to finish the races and collect the vital score points. That is why I did not want to risk a contact in a duel with Gerd that might result in giving up the race. I will fight in the second race, I might advance to the podium from there,“ hoped Lacko.


Oly Janes finished the first scored race with the fourteenth rank, but dropped one rank due to a five-second penalisation for leaving the track. “This was a very interesting race with a lot of contacts, which is always very attractive for the audience. I could myself “enjoy” a lot of duels with my British colleagues Shan and Terry. This time I did not manage to climb the Grammer Cup podium but I will certainly try to make up for it in the second race. I will not give them anything for free.“



Adam Lacko opened the second race excellently, taking the lead since the second curve and holding it until the finish. “I started excellently and took the lead. Then the only thing left was to watch for my rivals in the rear-view mirrors. I am happy. The first victory in the season, and here at Nürburgring in addition, with its traditionally excellent atmosphere! This is also the premiere victory for our new VK, so all is well. I hope for another success tomorrow,“ smiled Lacko despite the drop to the fifth overall rank, with the minimum loss of four points behind the second-ranking Albacete. “This year the field is really well balanced and we all ob each other of score points one by one. There is a mere four-point difference between the second and the fifth rank, so the very next race can deal the cards very differently again. This is a real puzzle and nothing can be predicted for the nearest future,“ added Lacko.


Robin Dolejš, Director of the Development Section of the Buggyra Racing team, was also satisfied with the second race. “There is a clear wining potential hidden in our VK50. Today all went perfectly well. This is encouragement for the whole team as a little progress is visible after all,“ was the happy comment of Robin.


Oly Janes ranked sixteenth in the second race. “I am definitely not much satisfied with my performance today. The starting field is very crowded here with truck racing stars and the competition is big. Tomorrow I will have to work hard to keep my first rank in the Grammer Cup. It will not be easy but I hope in a little bit of luck on my side,“ said Janes.




Adam Lacko improved by two ranks in the second time practice of the weekend with the fifth best lap time. “I felt good, and there was a tangible improvement since the first time practice. I accelerated by nearly one second. Mere three hundredths of a second after the second row in the starting grid! Pity! The balanced standard of the championship was confirmed again. I hope in a good start like yesterday and in making my way forward. “


The mechanics had a long Saturday night, changing the engine in Janes´ racing special till five in the morning. “Oly doubted his engine performance after the second Saturday race and so we decided to change it. We did not want to leave anything to a mere lucky chance on Sunday. The boys did a decent piece of work and we all hope the races will show the result of it,“ hoped Robin Dolejš.


Oly ranked seventeenth in the time practice. “First of all, I would like to thank the boys for working on my truck till the morning, with little time to sleep. I tried to squeeze maximum out of it, but the seventeenth rank was all I could do. I will have to work hard in the race again,“ was the British pilot´s comment on his performance.



Adam Lacko ranked third in the first Sunday race, helped to the podium by Halm´s penalisation. “First I thought to rank fourth, but Steffi was penalised with subsequent drive through for overspeeding. SO finally a nice bronze rank! This was a really hard race for me, for Sasha attacked me all the time, trying to overtake me. I think this must have been very attractive for the audience. Luckily, I defended my rank and collected further important score points. I am satisfied with it.“


Before the start of the third race the mechanics had to change the clutch in Oly´s truck, as it did not work well in the time practice. That is why Oly did not manage to reach the starting grind in time and had to start from the last position. He however performed an excellent chase and worked his way forward from the very tail of the field to just below the Top Ten. “The boys did their best but we finally did not manage before the pit lane closing. I had to make my way forward from the last position then, which was quite a lot of adrenalin for me, and I did enjoy it. I managed to win the second rank in the Grammer Cup, so I am much satisfied. The truck worked excellently, I look forward to the next race.“



In the last race of the weekend Adam Lacko had to cope with the eighth rank, after thrilling duels with the current champion Jochen Hahn throughout the race. “Unfortunately, in the very first curve I paid for the start from the outer side, which took me nearly off the track and caused my drop in the ranking. Then Jochen breathed on my back all the time. In the fifth lap he managed to overtake me in the finish straight. I tried to return in front of him but he watched me well. But even the points for the eighth rank are important, as they moved me to the third overall rank in the championship, so I leave Nürburgring definitely satisfied,“ smiled Adam. “Now we head towards the climax of the season, the domestic race at the Most circuit, where I would like to invite all our fans to support us there.“


Oly Janes will not keep a pleasant memory of the fourth race at the German circuit. After a contact in the exit from the third curve his front left tyre broke and he had to give up the race. “Pity, I wanted to continue my good performance in the third race but my chances were lost in the very first lap. It was my mistake. I regret it but I cannot do anything. Now I must prepare for Most, for there a big pressure on us as a team is expected, as this will be the climax of the season for Buggyra after all,“ said Oly, even after Nürburgring leading the interim ranking of the Grammer Cup.


Adam Lacko´s move back to the medal ranks is an excellent invitation to the domestic Czech Truck Prix 2019, held at the Most circuit at the turn of August and September.

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