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Petr Bošnakov - 25.08.2016

Lacko is Calm before Hungary. Forman would Like Water

Lacko is Calm before Hungary. Forman would Like Water

After the summer pause the European Race Truck Championship has resumed its activity. The pilots will compete for their scores at Hungaroring, and Adam Lacko will try to keep his interim overall leading rank. However, this fact leaves him absolutely calm.


Like last year, the Hungarian weekend will be marked by the duel between Lacko and Hahn, believes Adam. With the only difference that this year the European champion title is at stake. “Last year Norbert was too far above and so I and Jochen struggled for the silver rank. This year we have both moved a level upwards. We fight for every score point and we are terribly equal. If one of the two of us is on the go, the other will have hard times,” guessed Adam, the championship leader with a mere one point advantage over Hahn. 


The newcomer of the season Jiří Forman ranks tenth and his best result so far has been the bronze at Nogaro, France. “It is no secret that I like water. I would be happy if it rained. But Europe is tortured by tropical heat now and the forecasts only support this. And yet I am looking forward to Hungary. Formula 1 pilots say Hungaroring is a second Monaco. So I wonder how we squeeze our trucks there,” said Jirka before the departure.


The Buggyra Racing team ranks second in the Constructors´ Cup. “There is no point in chasing two hares. This year we bet on Adam and the bet pays. This weekend we ride on two waves. But I am sore we will manage, we have an experienced team! I have personally decided for Hungaroring, all in all, we have an interim leader of the ranking again for the first time after 2009 in Adam,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


The Hungarian weekend will start by Friday training and the usual Saturday and Sunday programme, including the time practice, the Super pole and two races per day.

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