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Petr Bošnakov - 05.05.2017

Lacko Looks Forward to Vršecký´s Comeback

Lacko Looks Forward to Vršecký´s Comeback

Eleven days before the start of a new season of the European Race Truck Championship a press conference was held in the Ambassador Hotel in Venceslas Square in Prague where the Buggyra Racing team cracked the nut with the racing team composition for this season. The second pilot position will be filled after a year break by David Vršecký, just for a couple of races of the series.


The press conference first commemorated a couple of anniversaries. Fifteen years have passed since the first victory at the Belgian circuit in Zolder and the win of the first champion title in the Super Race Truck category. Both historic milestones were reached for the Buggyra colours by the German champion Gerd Körber. Ten years ago, thanks to Markus Bösiger, Buggyra celebrated the European champion title in the Race Truck category.


But let us return to the present. The favourites of this year´s championship include Adam Lacko, the number one pilot of the Buggyra Racing team for the season of 2017. “I do not feel like the favourite, there are many candidates for the champion title there this year. They are Hahn, who has changed for Iveco to join the Körber team, and Körber has announced complete return to the race circuits. Then there is Kiss with Mercedes or the comeback of Albacete, who definitely has not forgotten how to race and win. And finally there is the cherry on the cake, the comeback of David, which I am very pleased with, even though he will only cover a couple of races. So the competition will be really hard but I am prepared to put maximum in it and I will certainly try to win,“ said the double vice-champion of the European Race Truck Championship Adam Lacko.


The position of the second team pilot was long veiled in mystery. It is finally filled, after a year break, by the double European champion and winner of the truck championships of China and India David Vršecký. “In the past season I prioritised Dakar, but after only the first two races I realized that my health condition was not ideal for the burden. So we had to change the strategy for this season and the management and I have agreed that I will take part in a couple of races in the circuit truck, which will certainly be more fit for my body than the Dakar racing special. My priority is Adam´s title. I can help him for example by depriving his competitors of some precious score points. Or by being able to prepare our racing specials better for the circuits keep changing, especially the road surfaces, and so the more legible and comprehensible the data will be for me then better for us all. But despite these priorities I would certainly like to have some good result in a race or two as well,” was David´s explanation of his position for the coming season.


“This season will certainly be interesting in several respects. For example thanks to the comeback of two champions, Albacete and Vršecký. The last race will take place in Jarama, where we have already celebrated victories and so a repeat would certainly be pleasing. In addition the first race in history held in Slovakia, at the Slovakia Ring, will be included and we are the only team invited to test the circuit, which will take place this week. We have also agreed cooperation with a Slovenian pilot, experienced above all in uphill racing,“ were the comments on the coming season by the manager of the Buggyra Racing team Jan Kalivoda. “Our undisputed priority is Adam´s champion title of course, and we will subject everything to that, obviously within the limits of the rules and common sense,“ he added.


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