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Lacko on the Podium Twice, Second Rank in Constructors´ Cup with Vršecký

Lacko on the Podium Twice, Second Rank in Constructors´ Cup with Vršecký

The pilots of the Buggyra team Adam Lacko and David Vršecký have entered the new season of the European Race Truck Championship with success. After the first racing day in Valencia they rank third and fifth, respectively, with just a little loss after the first rank.

The Ricardo Torma circuit in Valencia usually hosts the MotoGP series and the trucks have returned here after a long break. For both Buggyra pilots this weekend has been their racing premiere on this circuit.

The basis for today´s success was already laid in the noon super pole where Adam and David obtained third and fourth rank, respectively, i.e. the second line of the starting grid of the first cup race of the season. Adam was a little angry after the super pole: "If it were not for one of the slower rivals in the last lap my result could have been even better. But the truck works excellently and our competitors are not far at all."

The start of the first race was without problems and both Czech pilots managed to maintain their starting positions. Adam tried to attack the second ranking Hungarian Kiss but overtaking on this narrow curvy circuit is not easy at all and even though he managed to get in front of the Hungarian in the eighth lap Kiss returned him the overtaking in the very next curve: “If he had not hit me when we drove on brakes I would have maintained the rank in front of him."

David Vršecký had a little crisis at the end of the race when he left the track for a little while. “It was my mistake, I lost concentration for a moment. Luckily my advantage over Antonio was sufficient and so in fact nothing happened," commented David in the finish. Thus the Buggyra pilots ended with the third and the fourth rank after the first cup race of the season.

This year´s specifics of the handicap races include the fact that they are scored with the same number of points as the cup races with the start of the first eight ranks from the cup race in the reversed order preserved. Despite that all pilots managed to control their motivation and start the race without problems. The German pilot Reinert took the lead after start but soon he had to capitulate and let Kiss in front of him. Following Hahn´s problems with brake cooling the Czech pair Lacko – Vršecký soon appeared right after Reinert and this was also their final ranking in the finish. Hence another combination of the third and the fourth rank for the Czech team.

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