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Lacko Ranks Silver, Vršecký Struggles with Brakes

Lacko Ranks Silver, Vršecký Struggles with Brakes

The first race of the eighth racing weekend of the European race truck championship opened the Spanish instalment. Buggyra pilots scored important fourth (Adam Lacko) and fifth (David Vršecký) rank points. In addition Lacko ranked silver in the Spanish championship.

Since early morning the fans filled the tribunes around the Spanish circuit waking up after a cold night. The opening two free practice sessions did not tell much about the current condition of the pilots. After the time practice everything was clear, though, when the leading pilots of the championship including the Buggyra pilots advanced to the Super Pole with expected sovereignty. In the Super Pole Adam Lacko won the second row in the first race starting grid while David Vršecký obtained the third row.

The start of the race was without problems and the pole man Norbert Kiss took the lead. The second rank was subject of a struggle between Jochen Hahn and Antonio Albacete, whose passes made the tribunes of the Jarama circuit cheer loudly. "The start was quite early and I had to work hard to hold the fourth rank. I tried a couple of attacks on Albacete but there was no chance,“ said Lacko after the race, rushing to the podium for he won the second rank in the Spanish championship.

"I struggled with the brakes virtually for the whole race. We have to look at it and do something about it before the second race. But there is not much time. Otherwise I had to watch Bösiger behind me and I am glad I managed,“ said Vršecký, who will start the second cup race of the day from the fourth position, after the race.

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