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Lacko Ranks Silver, Vršecký without Cup this Time

Lacko Ranks Silver, Vršecký without Cup this Time

The last race of the eighth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship was a boiling pot again. Lacko eventually ranked second while Vršecký defended the fifth rank after a collision with Reinert.

A drama after start was expected as the first row of the starting grid was occupied by Janiec and Bösiger. The role of the Swiss pilot was simplified by a technical issue with transmission on the part of Janiec which made him withdraw still before start. This situation was also utilised by both Buggyra pilots who used the free space in front of them to advance to the second (Adam Lacko) and the third (David Vršecký) ranks.

The second lap brought a cold showed, though, in the form of an attack of the fourth ranking René Reinert, who stripped the left rear tyre off David ´s truck wheel. Thus the Buggyra pilot dropped to the fifth rank. He even had to defend this rank against Kiss before the end of the race when the latter began spinning in the first curve. The Hungarian pilot then tried to make up for the loss from the back of the starting field. "I must attract this. Reinert pressed form the rear until he stripped off my tyre. Otherwise this could have been a nice third rank. Instead we will now resolve our contact on the tower,“ told Vršecký his troubles, not bringing home a single cup from Jarama this year.

On the other hand, Adam Lacko, winning the second rank after start, set off to chase the leading Bösiger. The latter built advantage soon, though, and Adam had to defend his rank against the domestic Albacete and Hahn. "Now it was a narrow escape. I did the best I could to keep the second rank in front of the domestic pilots fighting for the champion title. We again collected over third points, which is super,“ said Adam. In this race the pilot of the pink Buggyra won the Spanish championship, thus getting the overall second rank in this competition.

The scores for the second and the fifth rank were enough for the Buggyra team to win the second rank in the constructors´ cup. In the total Buggyra lost one point after the leading Lutz Bernau Sport team in Spain.

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