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Lacko Right Below Podium

Lacko Right Below Podium

In the third cup race of the season the Buggyra pilots ranked right below the podium ranks. Adam Lacko ranked fourth and David Vršecký passed under the checkered flag right after him.

The first racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship continued with the Sunday program at the Misano circuit. Like on Saturday on Sunday both pilots of the Buggyra team qualified for the Super Pole in the time practice. There Adam Lacko was better off after replacement of the engine of his truck the night before. Adam obtained the second starting row in the cup race, while David ranked fifth.

Unlike the Saturday cup races the Sunday morning was without any dramatic stories in the first curve of the track. Even though Adam Lacko tried to overtake the third Albacete, the Spaniard defended his rank after a couple of curves. David Vršecký managed to keep Bösiger behind his back and thus both Buggyra pilots passed the finish line with the gain of the fourth and the fifth rank, respectively. While Norbert Kiss rushed forward in the lead, Jochen Hahn and Antonio Albacete struggled for the second rank. Their struggle was utilized by the fourth ranking Lacko and two laps before the end of the race he caught up with this pair within the combat distance. In the last lap Adam tried a couple of overtaking maneuvers against Albacete, but the latter used his extensive experience to defend the third rank successfully. All was controlled from the fifth rank by David Vršecký, who waited for an opportunity.

"The start was really good and I though I would be able to get in front of Albacete.  But I was on the outside and did not want to risk shooting off a cone and getting the same punishment like David on Saturday. The same situation occurred again in the last lap. But I am satisfied. I would like to thank the whole team for preparation of my truck. Today everything works excellently,“ was Lacko´s assessment of the first Sunday race.

"I piloted as well as I was able to but the starting field was quite well balanced and there are not many places for overtaking here in Misano. I tried to wait for a mistake of my rivals but this time it was in vain,“ added Vršecký to the third cup race.

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