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Lacko ´s First Victory in Buggyra Colours!

Lacko ´s First Victory in Buggyra Colours!

In the second Saturday race on the French circuit in Nogaro Adam Lacko finished with his first victory in the Buggyra colours. For most of the race it looked like a double podium but David Vršecký was finally demoted from the third rank by a technical issue.

The starting order of the first eight ranks from the first cup race reversed for the handicap race as usual, which meant the second row for the Buggyra pilots. Adam Lacko together with David Vršecký fought for the third rank side by side for half of the race. Adam ´s outcome of the duel was better and he took the lead in the fourth lap. Unfortunately Javier Mariezcurrena had an accident in the same lap and the race had to be interrupted with the red flags.

After restart Lacko convincingly overtook Benedek Major to take the lead and Jochen Hahn advanced together with him. The first rank as then to be decided between these two.

David started from the fifth starting position and after the opening struggles managed to take the third rank. Unfortunately five laps before the end of the race the technology of his truck failed and he had to give up the race.

"I do not know what happened, but I could no change gears. Probably something with the pneumatics. This was a great pity for we lost not only the podium but also further score," summarised the sad Vršecký after the race.

A fantastic ride was performed by Adam Lacko, who managed to build his advantage over Hahn lap by lap, sufficient for the final victory, and eventually amounting to more than five seconds.

"The truck ran excellently, I am absolutely satisfied. Even though I had to fight for the lead twice today, the most important thing is that we have it. What a pity David could not join, it might have been a double podium," said Adam Lacko about the race.

Adam Lacko today confirmed his fourth overall rank in the individual championship ranking and the Czech Buggyra team maintained the second rank in the Constructors´ Cup.

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