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Lacko ´s Silver, Buggyra ´s Victory!

Lacko ´s Silver, Buggyra ´s Victory!

In the second Saturday race Adam Lacko got the second rank after a dramatic race. This, together with Vršecký ´s fifth rank, meant victory for the Buggyra team in the constructors´ cup.

The again sold out tribunes of the Bugatti circuit witnessed a thrilling race. Like in the first race now again the drama was staged by Steffi Halm, who began to spin in front of the double curve by the Dunlop bridge. For some time both Buggyras seemed to be heading for the lead. But the effort was also overstated by the domestic Anthony Janiec, starting from the first row, who thus crossed the tracks of the two Czech pilots. The situation was utilised by the Swiss pilot Bösiger, who shortened his track along the inner side and took the lead, followed after the first lap by the train: Lacko, Kiss, Hahn and Vršecký.

"The start was very wild and I had to work hard not to be locked there. But the final second rank is a fantastic result,“ said Adam Lacko, heading towards the podium.

David Vršecký could not be said to be shining with happiness at all. After being locked by his opponents he dropped to the fifth rank and was unable to think anything up against Hahn and Kiss. "I do not really know what was happening after start. Albacete held everybody back, subsequently being shot down by Kiss, and I was an innocent victim of their contact. What a pity, today I was quite close to the podium for two times,“ said the disappointed Vršecký.

The final ranks of Adam and David in the race brought victory for the Buggyra team in the constructors´ cup.

However, the track commissioners have to resolve a protest filed by the Buggyra team and concerning the track shortening by Markus Bösiger after start.

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