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Lacko Silver for a Second Time in Austria, Vršecký Right under the Podium Ranks Again

Lacko Silver for a Second Time in Austria, Vršecký Right under the Podium Ranks Again

Adam Lacko ranked silver in the Sunday race again, thus significantly approaching the second Jochen Hahn in the overall ranking. David Vršecký as if had subscribed for the fourth rank at Red Bull Ring. He brings back from Austria four unpopular “potato medals”.

Super Pole

Like on Saturday, on Sunday again a lot of spectators came to the Austrian Red Bull Ring already in the morning to watch the struggle for positions at the starting grid of the first cup race of the day. Both Buggyra pilots easily advanced to the super pole from the time practice, where Adam Lacko repeated his Saturday result. “The first row like yesterday, so we can be satisfied again. Now it is time to attempt at the same or even better scenario like the yesterday´s cup race,” reminded Adam of his Saturday silver. David Vršecký kept holding the fifth rank and cup race start from the third row was threatening. “I did not want to cope with that and so I struggled till the last metres. Eventually eleven thousandths helped. Super,“ radiated David with satisfaction.

Cup Race 3

The crowded tribunes of the Red Bull Ring woke up again after start of the third weekend race of the European Race Truck Championship when the herd of souped up trucks rushed to the first curve. Although the first four of them were far from giving way to each other politely no change of ranks took place. Who lost at the start, though, was Antonio Albacete, who was overtaken by Gerd Körber. Adam Lacko again took the silver and together with David Vršecký another victory for the Czech team. “It was again about the start and we were successful in that. I tried to catch Kiss but I had no chance. I rather had to watch my rank in front of Jochen and that I managed well. Our starting positions for the second race are the same as yesterday so we will both try to make the most of that,“ was Adam´s comment on the first Sunday race. David Vršecký also maintained the fourth starting rank till the finish and received the third “potato medal” in Austria. “It is an oval track in fact, difficult to overtake here. I myself caused my only complication when at the beginning of the race I overheated my brakes. Although Gerd wanted to make use of that after two laps I resumed my original tempo and left him behind,“ explained David the early loss after the Lacko-Hahn duo.

Cup Race 4

The fourth cup race certainly became the most dramatic race of the weekend. Anthony Janiec, starting from the pole position, did not control the situation and left the track. Unfortunately, he took David Vršecký which him, which caused his sudden drop to the seventh rank. Adam Lacko was even one rank lower. The situation brought benefit to Kiss, starting from the eighth rank, and already heading towards the podium after the first lap. David got in front of Hahn, Janiec and Körber step by step to reach the fourth rank again, for the fourth time this weekend. “Pity that the start was what it was, for I could only watch the others rush around us. Then I nicely struggled with Gerd, but it was not enough for the third rank again. But my overall view of the weekend is positive, we scored decent points again,“ said David after the race. Like on Saturday Adam Lacko followed David, waiting for his opportunity. “Now the condition was a little slippery so the feeling was not optimal. But we reduced Hahn´s advantage a little here, so I am very much satisfied,“ added Adam to David´s comment.

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