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Lacko Wins Bronze, Vršecký Fights Like Lion

Lacko Wins Bronze, Vršecký Fights Like Lion

In the second Saturday race in Zolder, Belgium, Adam Lacko managed to get the third final rank. Vršecký started from the seventeenth position but in the finish he scored for the seventh final rank.

Although meteorologists promised rain for the Belgian weekend, on Saturday the sun was shining over the circuit, which attracted a numerous crowd of spectators. And they certainly had a lot to watch in the first as well as in the second race.

Adam Lacko performed an excellent starting manoeuvre and after the first lap settled on the third rank after Reinert and Bösiger. The Swiss pilot quickly took the lead. Lacko was not so successful and struggled with Reinert for several laps. In the course of one of the overtaking attempts the German pilot even pushed Adam out of the circuit, which was utilised by the fourth Kiss who got in front of Lacko at that moment. Reinert did not stand the pressure of his opponents and dropped to the final sixth rank. Thus Lacko rejoiced over the bronze rank in the finish. "The truck ran wonderfully today. The second race was for me a long struggle with Reinert, but eventually I won the third rank and the second rank for my team,“ said the happy Lacko after the race.

Vršecký had a bad deal when after his retirement from the first race he had to start form the seventeenth rank. But still before the end of the first lap he already ranked twelfth and soon advanced up t the seventh rank. Just one and a half second more and David would have become struggling for another rank. "The first race was a fail but now I really enjoyed racing. I overtook ten opponents and before the end I still planned to attack the sixth Reinert, but there was no more time for that,“ said Vršecký, who scored his first points of this weekend in the second race.

After the two Saturday cup races the Buggyra team maintained the silver overall ranking in the constructors´ cup thanks to the second rank in the Saturday competition. While Adam secured his fourth overall ranking in the individual competition, David returned to the sixth rank below Bösiger.

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