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Petr Bošnakov - 28.08.2017

Lacko Wins Three Times and Continues to Reign, Vršecký´s First Podium

Lacko Wins Three Times and Continues to Reign, Vršecký´s First Podium



Adam Lacko ranked second after the domestic pilot Kiss with the first two mean times. However, the treacherous last sector decided about his loss of the first starting row by mere sixty six thousandths of a second. “Although Hungaroring is not our favourite circuit, I am glad I managed to achieve a quick time. Pity we were not luckier too. The more I will have to work in the race,“ assessed Lacko the first time practice of the weekend.

The other pilot of the Buggyra Racing team, David Vršecký, achieved the seventh best lap time to be allowed to start from the fourth row for the first race of the Saturday portion. “Considering the low level of success in the time practice I am satisfied after all. The fourth row is a position allowing to struggle in the race,“ said the double European champion.


Race 1

At the start of the first race of the Hungarian weekend Adam Lacko became victim of illogical conduct of his rivals in front of him, dropping behind in the ranking and even getting off the track in a sharp duel with Albacete. “I was closed at the start and had nowhere to go,“ commented on the first metres of the race the native of Čeladná. “Then I followed Brereton for the whole race but in the heat I had problems keeping the engine cold. I am glad I at least managed to return to the starting position at the end,“ was Lacko´s comment on the first Saturday race, where he ranked fifth but after penalisation of Brereton for over-speeding he finally moved up to the fourth final rank.

David Vršecký did not continue without harm after the starting manoeuvre either. “The start was really wild, I had no time to watch for what was going on there,“ said the wandering Vršecký. What the Chinese champion had foreseen the day before did come true. The hot weather, rising the road surface temperature to nearly 60°C, posed problems with brake and engine cooling. “Towards the end my brakes began to overheat and so to continue in the train was very hard. The eighth rank is fine for the misery,“ added Vršecký.


Race 2

The start of the second race led to a much better result for Adam Lacko, who ranked second after his team mate Vršecký since the first lap. He managed to overtake him in the second lap and hold the leading rank till the finish. “David started well, leaving me space to squeeze to the second rank behind him. The final result of that was my victory, which I am very happy about,“ said the satisfied Lacko at the end of the day.

David Vršecký got to the lead immediately after start, overtaken in the second lap by his team mate Lacko and later on by the German pilot Hahn. The double European champion held the third rank for the rest of the race, only losing it by action of bad luck in the very last curve. “A nice race. Pity the podium could not be achieved but the road became very slippery for a lap earlier some oil leaked to the tract. I could hardly manage to keep on the road. I am really annoyed about that,“ commented the disappointed Vršecký on the second race of the day.




Adam Lacko was the second quickest in the Sunday super pole and thus assured for himself start from the first row in the first Sunday race. “I am very happy I managed to win the first starting row. I was hardly breathing in the second lap. Kiss really flies here but I am glad we got the maximum from our truck,“ was Lacko´s comment on the Sunday time practice.

The second time practice of the weekend was not quite up to David Vršecký´s expectations and resulted from the start of the race for the fifth row.”In the first lap I did not want to drive at the brink of having my lap time cancelled like others, and only one tenth of a second deprived me of the sixth rank. In the second lap I did not manage to cool the brakes and my chances for an improvement were lost,“ said Vršecký.


Race 1

Adam Lacko started excellently and that got him in the lead, held against the attacking Kiss for the rest of the race, resulting in his second victory of the weekend. “Fantastic, I did not expect his here. The truck worked excellently. After start I luckily managed to get in front of Kiss and then I only had to watch him in the rear-view mirrors. I am enthusiastic,“ vented his joyful feelings after the third race the native of Čeladná.

The truck champion of Europe, China and India, David Vršecký, paid for the high Hungarian temperatures in the third race, having problems with cooling his truck. Despite the complications he finished the race among the top 10. “I had to watch temperatures for the whole race, for I could not cool my engine properly. Instead of racing I had to concentrate on finding the way to finish the race. We have to look at it and do something about it before the last race starts,“ commented Vršecký on his troubles in the third race..


Race 2

Adam Lacko scored his third victory of the weekend in the last race, thus increasing his advantage in the overall interim leading score in the championship to 58 points! He had managed the same twice before this season, in Misano, Italy and the Nurburgring. “I started successfully and luckily managed to bypass every trap. A drama came at the end of the race when I could not accelerate at all. I frankly did not expect so good result at Hungaroring,“ expressed his enthusiasm after the last race the sovereign leader of the championship.

David Vršecký finally reached to the podium in the last scored ride of the weekend, ranking third. “There was a mess there after start and Adam and I managed to get through that quite peacefully to the lead. Then the race was all about duelling with Gerd and watching Hahn. I am glad I have finally managed the podium. Of course I am happy for Adam´s result and for the whole team,“ said Vršecký in relief.


The Hungarian results are also an excellent invitation to the domestic Most circuit, where the European Truck Racing Championship will continue with its sixth stage already the next weekend.

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