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Lacko Wins Violent Battle, Vršecký Sent by Bösiger towards the Wall

Lacko Wins Violent Battle, Vršecký Sent by Bösiger towards the Wall

The second Saturday race ended ambiguously for Buggyra. While Adam Lacko ended with a victory, David Vršecký did not finish the race, ending in the barrier due to Bösiger.

The Buggyra pilots exchanged their starting positions in the second race, Vršecký starting from the fourth position in the second row and Lacko from the fifth. After the peaceful start of the first race of the day the second race brought a drama with David Vršecký the victim of it.

"Immediately after start I was hit by Bösiger and Kiss and ended on the grass,“ commented David on the beginning of the race. Then events followed in a quick succession. "First Kiss used me as the crash barrier, then I tried to attack Bösiger for a couple of times but he always nonsensically closed me off. All this culminated with him sending me towards the wall," said the annoyed David after the race.

The non-sporty conduct was also confirmed by the track commissionaires who penalised Bösiger by the loss of ten positions at the start of the first Sunday race.

Adam Lacko ´s progress of the second race was completely different. The pink Buggyra fought its way to the third rank after the violent start, following the leading Reinert and Janiec. After a couple of attempts Adam tried a hard attack and overtook the French pilot. Then Reinert developed a problem, which moved Adam to the lead. And he maintained the rank till the end of the race with an advantage of nearly ten seconds.

"I am extremely glad about the result. The start was really violent but I managed to make use of the situation and squeeze forward. With victory as the final result,“ said the double winner after the race, winning also in the Spanish championship over Albacete. Thanks to Lacko ´s victory the Buggyra team ranked third in the constructors´ cup and reduced the advantage of the Lutz Bernau Sport team by one point.

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