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Luboš Veselý - 15.09.2019

Lacko Writes History of Zolder, Obtaining 1000th Cup in Third Race

Lacko Writes History of Zolder, Obtaining 1000th Cup in Third Race

Adam Lacko receives the silver cup in the third race in Zolder, Belgium, which represents a historic milestone for the Buggyra team. He does not finish the second race for the reason of a broken disc. In the overall ranking he continues to hold the third rank behind the couple Hahn and Albacete. Oly Janes scores the tenth and the eleventh ranks and continues leadership of Grammer Cup.



Adam Lacko ended the opening time practice of the weekend with the third best lap time. “We wanted start from the first row but we lost two tenths of a second after the first row pilots. The first two sectors were governed by Hahn and Albacete as the quickest pilots, the last one was led by me. I will have to fight this off in the race, I hope to get in front of Antonio and win the important score points for the overall ranking,“ commented Adam on the time practice.


Oly Janes finished the time practice with the twelfth best lap time. “Zolder is a very demanding circuit. I am happy with the start from the sixth row. I will see who will be luckier in the race and who will manage a better start. I would like to get to the top ten,“ hoped Janes.



The current European vice-champion started the first cup race of the weekend from the third starting position where e also finished the race. “Jochen overstated the start and his wheels slipped a little, so he lost the advantage. I wanted to overtake him but, unfortunately, there was no space for me in the first curve. Towards the end I began to believe that I might overtake Albacete, but finally I did not. But I am still satisfied with the third rank.“


Oly Janes added to the overall scope his sixteenth point for the tenth rank. “I have fulfilled the goal I set for myself before start, to get among the Top 10. Of course it could have been better. In the opening part of the race I worked my way forward to the ninth rank but then I hesitated once and Jenkins, making use of it, overtook me. Now, before the second race, I believe to improve my rank a little more.“



The second race had to be interrupted two for the reason of a collision and obstacle on the road. Adam Lacko finally ranked fifth. “I successfully advanced after start and squeezed my truck up to the second rank. But behind me a mess resulted in immobility of Citignola, causing interruption of the race in the very first lap. After the second start Kiss watched for his rank and did not give me another chance to overtake him. but after two laps the race was interrupted again for Orsini stopping at the end of the finish straight. The third start was similar to the second, but unfortunately Antonio overtook me and I did not manage to get my rank back anymore,“ commented Adam on the second cup race of the weekend. “I am satisfied with the first race, the second race was a pity. I started very well the first time. I already ranked second, but then the two restarts were not so successful for me as the original start. What can you do. Albacete has departed from me a little today but there is a long way to the final finish yet. Tomorrow another thirty points will be in the bank so I am certainly determined to fight for them,“ added Adam, holding the third overall interim rank with the loss of eight points after Albacete.


Oly Janes repeated his result from the first race, again ranking tenth. “This was a quite dramatic race. Two restarts. My escape from the first collision was narrow, even though I had to leave the road. I am satisfied with today´s results. Twice in the Top 10, and further points for the interim ranking. In addition a little increase of my advantage in the Grammer Cup.




The overall third ranking pilot, Adam Lacko, scored the second quickest lap time in the second time practice of the weekend, with a mere one tenth of a second loss after the sovereign leader of this season, Jochen Hahn. “I am happy. I have managed to accelerate in comparison to yesterday and I have made Jochen sweat quite a little. Just a tiny little bit and I would have reached for the pole position. I look forward to the race,“ said Adam.


Oly Janes finished the time practice with the fourteenth best lap time. “The start from the seventh row will be tricky. Yesterday´s second race showed what may happen and my escape from the big collision was really narrow. I will put all I can in it. I believe to be able at least to achieve my yesterday´s result.“



A historic moment came after the third race. Adam Lacko ranked second and received 1000th cup for the Buggyra Racing team since 1993 when the team´s first pilot, Martin Koloc, began racing. “The beginning looked perfect. I stuck to Jochen. I even thought that towards the ends of the races I was usually quicker so I might overtake him before the finish. However, since the third lap I recognised trouble with brake cooling. Their temperature soared over 600°, so I had to add water all the time and the race turned into a big drama until the last lap where I could brake no more. But finally all came out well and the second rank is super. In addition I have just learned that my silver cup is the 1000th for Buggyra. It is wonderful to witness such a jubilee, this is double joy. But there is still the last cup race before us and I would like to start the second thousand,” said the satisfied Lacko after the race.


The native of Bristol improved his yesterday´s ranking with the ninth rank in the race. “I am much satisfied indeed. I targeted at least the same rank as yesterday and I finally managed to climb one step up. In addition the second rank in the Grammer Cup counts as well.“


This is how Martin Koloc, the founder of the Buggyra team and the holder of the historic first cup, commented on the historic moment. “This is an absolutely wonderful milestone and great motivation for further work. It is also part of destiny, as the milestone falls within the season when we celebrate 50th anniversary of the BUGGYRA brand. I would like to live to see the second thousand and then pass over the reign in peace.“



As if the Belgian circuit was cursed for Adam. Since 2015 he has not finished all four races here five times in a row. This year he had to give up the last race in the second lap for a broken brake disc. “It is a great pity. What I gained over Albacete in the third race is lost now in the fourth. You can do nothing, this is motorsport. Now we must prepare well for Le Mans and do our best, for in Jarama, the domestic circuit for Antonio, it will be very difficult,“ said the disappointed Lacko, still holding the third interim rank in the overall scoring of the championship.


Eleventh rank belonged to Oly Janes in the final race. “The race was a battle since the very beginning. In the first lap I found myself out of the track and had to return there from the pebbles were I lost a lot. Finally I struggled hard and managed to get close to the Top 10. I could not do any better then,“ assessed the fourth cup race the leader of the Grammer Cup.

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