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Luboš Veselý - 01.07.2018

Lacko´s Happy Departure from Nürburgring with Second Overall Rank

Lacko´s Happy Departure from Nürburgring with Second Overall Rank

The champion title defender Adam Lacko scored one second and one fourth rank at the German circuit on Sunday, which moved him up to the second overall rank right after Jochen Hahn. The second Buggyra pilot Oly Janes did not leave Nürburgring with empty hands either. 




Adam Lacko took the risk to start the time practice with new shock absorbers, which only let him end with the seventh best lap time. “I could not get more from it, unfortunately. We tried to install new shock absorbers but that was probably not the best choice. The seventh rank in the time practice unfortunately reflects the exceptionally balanced performances this season. The more we will have to get maximum out of it tomorrow,“ was Lacko´s view of the opening time practice. Last year he won three times here.


Oly Janes paid for a decision of the circuit commissionaires was cancelled his lap time for high smoke output of his truck. With it he would have started from the sixteenth starting position. “I felt it might be a good lap time but eventually they cancelled it because of the smoke. Bad luck. The more so as the smoking is only assessed visually and therefore the judgement is very subjective,“ said the disappointed Oly.




Adam started the first scored race of the weekend from the fourth row in the starting grid only. But already in the course of the first meters he managed to make use of his inside trail and advanced to the fourth rank, where he also finished the race. “I held my inside trail after start and squeezed as far as side by side with Kiss. I think I would be able to even overtake him but I was hit by Reiner from behind. For a moment I even thought my tyre was off again. Finally I am glad for the fourth rank, after starting from the seventh position,“ stated Adam.


Oly Janes struggled bravely for the whole race, but a piece of bad luck at the end of the race deprived him of a decent result. “The ride was fine but in the end my disc broke and with it my chances for a good rank. Next time I hope for more good luck. I see this as a newcomer charge,” said Oly after the first race.



The thirty-three-years-old pilot in Buggyra colours, Adam Lacko, managed to further improve his result from the first scored race of the weekend in the second race where he ranked third.I am happy. I managed to squeeze to the third rank after start. And then a struggle for survival started. I am glad I held the rank, for Norbert was dangerously close. We can celebrate the first podium here,“ commented the satisfied Lacko on the second race.


The second Buggyra pilot Oly Janes was happy with his rank in the second ten.”The result does not fully reflect my feeling in the race. At last I felt self-confident and well while driving. I consider the fifth rank in the chrome category a success,” stated Oly Janes.




The Sunday time practice confirmed the balanced forces of this edition, with the mere 79 hundredths of a second between the first and the twelfth pilot. “I do not want to hide disappointment. With the lap time of 1:54.2 I expected a better than fifth rank. The competition is fierce and the performances are very balanced,“ said Lacko, who thus started the third race of the weekend from the third row.


The British pilot Oly Janes achieved the eighteenth best lap time. “Today nobody cancels my lap times and that is fine. I wanted to get under 1:58, but even this lap time is good. It represents a little step forward,“ stated Oly.



Adam Lacko ended the dramatic race with hard duels kicking off the race several pilots with the fourth final rank. “It is a big risk to start from the inside at Nürburgring if you are not in the first row. When you get clinched there is no escape. And that was also what happened to me this time. But looking around I must say that the outcome might have been much worse. I am glad I am safely in the finish. But I certainly wanted more than one rank below the podium,“ commented Lacko on the third scored race of the weekend.


The hard competition in the third race was also shown by Oly Janes´ withdrawal after the seventh lap for a broken rear tyre. “In the fourth lap Vojtíšek and Recuence contacted each other and the latter began to spin. I tried to pass them but when I turned the truck he hit my rear wheel and shot off my tyre from the wheel, and me off the race. I hope my portion of bad luck is over now,“ said Janes.



Adam Lacko ranked third in the last race of the weekend. After additional penalisation of Kursim with thirty seconds for overtaking under yellow flags Adam was finally classified with the second rank. “I started very well, despite the couple of collisions nothing too serious happened. I tried to overtake Janiec and take the lead but the second curve was under the yellow flags because of Körber. Kursim probably did not notice and overtook me,“ said Adam Lacko, moving up in the overall rank in front of Kiss and Halm to the second overall rank after Hahn. “We certainly wanted to follow our last-year results, which we did not manage completely. But on the other hand this weekend has moved me up to the overall second rank, which I am very glad for. This edition is very balanced in terms of the pilots´ performance and the most important thing will be to systematically reach the finish line of every race, which I have managed so far, thank God,“ added Lacko.


Oly Janes could rejoice after the fourth race at last. “I am over-enthusiastic. After the big trouble I am ending this weekend with the twelfth rank and the second rank in the Promoters´ Cup, so I after all take a cup home with me. I can leave satisfied, although I know that one successful race is not a solution for all,“ stated Oly Janes at the end of the weekend, after Kursim penalisation ranking eleventh. That helped him balance his best result from Hungary.



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