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Luboš Veselý - 02.07.2017

Lacko´s “One Man Show“ at German Nürburgring

Lacko´s “One Man Show“ at German Nürburgring

A pilot of the Buggyra Racing team achieved three victories at Nurburgring out of the three scored races, with the fourth race cancelled for the reasons of a large oil leak from the previous Mittelrhein Cup race. Thus he became the absolute winner of the weekend with an advantage of 46 score points over the second ranking pilot, the German female trucker Halm. David Vršecký ranked fifth in the third race after a not very successful Saturday, thus helping the Buggyra Racing team settle in the lead in the team competition.




Although the weather was swinging all day from sunshine to rain and back, the time practice was held on dry road. Adam Lacko achieved his so far best lap time assuring him start from the fourth position in the starting grid of the first race. ”Unfortunately, I could not squeeze more from my truck. The weather forecast says rain tomorrow, which may be an advantage for us, I believe,“ said the interim overall leader of the championship.

Although David Vršecký was only getting used to his truck after his comeback, he still achieved his personal best lap time as well, which, unfortunately, was only enough for the seventh position at the start of the first race. “I cannot find the ideal trace and setting for my truck yet, but I believe tomorrow we will already have it,“ was David´s comment on his performance. “The long break must have shown somewhere,“ he added with a smile.




In the first live race of the weekend Adam Lacko began to make his way forward immediately after start and after thrilling duels with the German pilot Hahn and above all the Hungarian trucker Kiss he reached the lead and crossed the finish line holding the same rank. “It was not easy at all, I sweated a lot. Both of them are experienced pilots and to overtake them was hard. But I am glad I could show again that I line water on the road,“ was the native of Čeladná´s comment on the first race of the day.


European Race Truck Championship comeback of David Vršecký was not exactly what he had expected. After some complications with electrics, when his alternator got broken, and additional penalisation for exceeded speed limit, he finally ranked twelfth. “I do not know what happened, I had problem with the truck electrics from the start and the electric components began to break one by one. Towards the end of the race I could not check my speed at all, so I am not surprised with the penalisation,“ said the double European champion after the first race.



In the afternoon the race was gain held on wet road but the start was standard. The typical conditions of the famous Nürburgring were again utilised best by Adam Lacko who managed to win the race after start from the eighth starting position. “I expected a bigger drama, David´s experience was probably much more enjoyable. But I am glad that all came out well and I got the maximum Saturday score in the end,“ were the words of Lacko about the first racing day.


The back luck accompanying David Vršecký in the first race stayed with him in the second race as well. In the middle of the race he collided with the Spaniard Albacete and the Hungarian Kiss, which resulted in his final fifteenth rank. “I do not know what to say to that. Maybe just forget quickly and hope for a better tomorrow,“ commented Vršecký on his comeback with disappointment.




On Sunday morning the weather became reasonable again and the pilots started their second time practice on dry road. Adam Lacko again achieved the fourth best lap time with just a minimum loss after the winner. “The field is very much balanced and hundredths of a second decide. A lot can be achieved from the second starting row so I will see what the race will be like,“ said Adam, whose advantage over the second ranking Hahn is 31 score points now.

David Vršecký certainly wanted to improve his spirits after Saturday and achieve a better result. His overall fifth best lap time assured him start of the third race from the third row. “The road is dry for the first time since Thursday and the conditions are stable so I could push the limit farther and farther lap by lap. In the last lap I took some risk and succeeded,“ commented David on his result of the second time practice.



The first Sunday race heard the prayers of Adam Lacko and a minute before its start it began to rain again on the circuit road. Many pilots had problems with that. The pilot of the Buggyra Racing team coped best and like on Saturday he won the race, for the fifth time in a row commenced at Misano. “What else to say but that it began to rain in the right moment. In the middle of the race I sweated a little for some oil leaked on the road, making it very slippery. Otherwise just wonderful. I did not expect this progress at all,“ expressed Lacko his enthusiasm.


David Vršecký improved his taste for racing after Saturday and achieved his best result of the weekend. Even though in the second lap he got off the track after a duel with Hahn and dropped to the twelfth rank, he managed to fight back a better ranking and returned to the fifth rank before the race ended. “I am happy but it could have been even better. I made a mistake in my duel with Hahn and got off the track. Getting from the twelfth to the fifth rank and depriving both Hahn and Halm of their score points I can consider my mission accomplished,” was the assessing statement of the satisfied Vršecký.



The fourth race was first postponed for the reason of a large amount of oil leak on the road in the Mittelrhein Cup race and then cancelled after nearly 2 hours of decision-making. The race manager decided so for the reason of impossibility to assure sufficient safety of the racing pilots. “Although it is a pity, health must be the top priority and racing under such conditions would be unsafe,“ said Lacko, winner of five races of this season in a row.

After scoring the maximum number of points Adam Lacko became the absolute winner of the weekend and together with David Vršecký drew the Buggyra Racing team to the lead of the team ranking. Lacko´s advantage over the second ranking German female pilot Halm in the interim ranking of the championship has reached 46 score points.

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