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Petr Bošnakov - 21.04.2017

Lacko´s Racing Mood Awaking

Lacko´s Racing Mood Awaking

The Most circuit welcomed not only the Buggyra International Racing System team in the past two days. The circuit became the venue of the final testing before the launch of the new truck racing season 2017 visited by really select actors. Although in less than a month the European Truck Racing Championship will start with its first stage at the Austrian Red Bull Ring, the position of the second pilot of the Roudnice team is still veiled in mystery.


In addition to Adam Lacko the testing in Most was attended by the absolute European top including the latest two champions Jochen Hahn (Iveco) and Norbert Kiss (Mercedes). Further participants included Gerd Körber (Iveco), with the ambition for his first win of the Constructors´ Cup with his new team mate Jochen Hahn. “I cannot say this was a tactical banding about before the launch of the season, to test and to attempt at confusing competitors at the same time is not really possible,” claimed Adam Lacko. “Jochen was quite quick considering the current standards of Iveco, Kiss´s lap times were well balanced. And Gerd is living experience. We are heading towards a very interesting championship.“


As usual, Adam assessed his own performance rather soberly. “Our racing engineer Robin Dolejš looked happy, and so did David Vršecký. And if the two of them are happy I cannot break the team,“ said the visibly well-tempered Adam. “I had a good rest in Spain with my family, and now I feel that after the long time without racing my racing mood begins to awake again. Now things cannot be but better and better.“


Possible piloting team composition was obviously partly unveiled by the fact that while on Wednesday the pair of test pilots included Lacko and Vršecký, on Thursday the steering wheel of Fat Fox was grasped by the Slovenian family team of Draganovic father and son, in replacement of the Croatian pilot Niko Pulic. This pair is mainly known from uphill races.


The final decision about the pilots for the season 2017 will be revealed by the Buggyra International Racing System team at the pre-season press conference on 2 May 2017. “That is all we can say about the pilots of the team for the coming season at the moment. Anyway, whichever the solution, the number one of the team will still be Adam,“ said the team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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