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Marek Pitaš - 06.08.2020

Le Mans curse continues for Buggyra!

Not even a digital virtual championship in truck racing could change the curse that Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team has on a French circuit in Le Mans. Teo Calvet lost his victory due to the penalty, as Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc struggled with technical issues.


Le Mans curse continues for Buggyra!

First, there was David Vršecký’s horrific crash in 2011. Then, Adam Lacko lost his chance to defend his European champion title in 2018. And now, the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team struggled also during the virtual truck race that took place last weekend. However, the team was not too far away from finally breaking the curse, as a talented Téo Calvet managed to win Race 2 ahead of Norbert Kiss.


“I’m so excited! Once again, I’ve managed to finish ahead of malicious Kiss! And now it’s even better, because I’ve managed to win, and my home race! Even though just virtually,” said the excited young Buggyra driver.


However, that did not last long. Soon after the race, a race director announced a 30-second penalty for Calvet following an accident with another driver. The French dropped to the 4th place.


But he was not the only one, as Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc struggled as well. After a very promising start of the first race, both drivers hit technical issues with the internet connection and dropped out of the race. Even though Adam was trying to reconnect, so he could fight at least for the 8th place, that would put him on pole position for the second race, he was unsuccessful.


Yet, Adam Lacko managed to find some positives about his race. “After I returned to the race, I had a chance to drive behind Kiss and Lenz and to watch their driving styles. It was clear they weren’t too worried about the track limits, while I was always trying to be very strict and respect track limits as much as possible. That’s probably why I was never able to catch up with them.”


And Aliyyah Koloc also found some positives. “I was able to beat Adam twice! First, in the qualifying where I was faster by at least 2 seconds, and then in the final race, where I finished 2 places ahead of Adam.”


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