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Let the Quickest One Win!

Let the Quickest One Win!

Although the last race of this season will be held on the hot ground of Jarama this weekend, the current leader of the championship believes in its fair progress. The Champion of the Old Continent will be supported by his advantage of ten score points over his only rival, who, however, will be backed by his domestic track.

In his own words David is well prepared and will do his best to defend the champion title. “Over the last six racing weekends Antonio only defeated me once in Most by a single score point. If my truck works well I have no reason for concerns,” said David with a considerable portion of self-confidence. “Oh yes, Jarama is the only track which I have not yet conquered. But the same was true before this year ´s Nogaro…”

The Roudnice trucker is not yet afraid of excessive care of the local track commissioners either. He does not even mind the potential large number of Spanish amateurs who are able to crowd the track and block it. “As I said, I do not believe in conspiracies. I did pay for my poor handling of a slow trucker in Zolder, but mistakes are there to learn lessons from. And as for the track commissioners, I will simply strictly adhere to the rules. Like in every race, for that matter. I do not think anybody saw me play skittles with the track markers or ignore the flags, for example in Most,” said David amusedly. At the same time he believes in generality of FIA. "I firmly hope that there will be FIA people in Jarama who will give preference to the overall image of truck racing and not to the victory of a particular trucker. This was also true in 2007, for that matter.”

"At this moment I am not sure whether Antonio is a more difficult rival in my struggle for the champion title than Markus last year,” weighs David his situation. In his opinion the double European Champion from Spain (in the years 2005-2006) will be under great psychic pressure. "Antonio is an extraordinary trucker who deserves admiration. But his two champion titles were already decided before the final racing weekend. He will have to attack. I would like to repeat what I said before Zolder. I believe in my victory but I have no problem accepting a loss. I only want either to result from fair racing. Let the quickest one win!"

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