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Levett Close to Rostrum!

Levett Close to Rostrum!

Just one rank prevented in the Saturday handicap race Chris Levett from the third rank. On the other hand, David Vršecký, despite a heroic performance, ended off the first ten.

Before start of the handicap race Chris learned that he would start

from the twelfth position instead of the first, for the jury had

penalized him for a knocked down skittle with thirty seconds. On the

other hand the jury decided in a tragicomic manner in the case of the

Nittel-Vršecký collision in the same race. Although Nittel was

probably recognized to have caused the collision, for his position was

shifted by three places, his original position remained preserved... The domestic pilot did not let the verdict get him down and after an

excellent start fought his way to the sixth rank. However, Chris

wanted more and after another two laps already ranked fourth. But

Nittel riding in front of him had developed a considerable advantage

already and in the finish even tried to get close to the second riding

Lacko. "I had a good ride and defeated five pilots, including Östreich

and Bösiger. I would like to congratulate to Antonio for his victory,"

said Chris at the end of the race. "The rostrum was close and there is

another chance tomorrow." David Vršecký´s day was full of bad luck, on the other hand. Immediately after start he collided with Bösiger, which resulted in

his drop to the eighteenth rank. The Roudnice trucker eventually

ranked eleventh. "First Uwe, then Markus. My former team mates are

against me, somehow," joked Vršecký. "Ten score points is nothing

special, but despite that I am generally satisfied. The time practice

showed that we eventually had a quick truck and collisions with former

team mates will not last for ever. At least that is what I hope for."

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