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Milan Bydžovský - 14.01.2017

Loprais Rises Up Despite Health Problems. To Seventh rank!

Loprais Rises Up Despite Health Problems. To Seventh rank!

In the thirty ninth edition of the famous Dakar Rally the Tatra Buggyra Racing team lives through the well-known saying “one day up, the other day down”. Aleš Loprais struggled hard in the last but one stage and managed to rise up to seventh overall rank.


Aleš Loprais began Friday morning with stomach problems. “I vomited in the morning and the first part of the stage was all about survival. I did not want the boys laugh at me,“ said Aleš in the evening bivouac with a smile in his face already. “I already arrived in South America with a small flu but I never talk about it and cope with it privately. I hope this was the end of it and now I will only be well again,“ added Aleš to his health problems. 


The crew of Aleš Loprais, Jan Tománek and Jiří Stross ranked seventh in the stage. Thanks to their reliable results they jumped up to the same rank in the overall ranking in the truck category too. “The beginning was very bumpy and the boys had to hold me back to spare the truck. The second section was already good, again high in the mountains, and we reached De Rooy and Villagra who got stuck after a car. We drove like that for about 70 kilometres so I do not need nay dinner for I am full having eaten dust all day,“ said Loprais. 


However, the other crew did not manage to avoid technical issues after all. Martin Kolomý and Kilian brothers had to repair the truck again. “This stage was quick and that is what I like. We had a technical issue and had to repair it. But we are already reconciled with that knowing that the truck needs to be finished up. The bellows did not replenish air and when we got stuck and wanted to blow them up we failed. Luckily one of the pilots driving behind us pulled us out. We repaired it and continued,“ said Martin Kolomý, despite this finished with thirteenth stage rank and moving to fifteenth overall rank. 


Today the participants in Dakar Rally face the very last stage, whose main aim is to get the crews to Buenos Aires for the final ceremony. Of the total 786 kilometres only 64 will be measured and so no big changes in the results are to be expected. Aleš Loprais will start the twelfth stage at 2 pm and Martin Kolomý just eight minutes later.

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