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Luck Rains for Buggyra, Vršecký Starts from the First Row!

Luck Rains for Buggyra, Vršecký Starts from the First Row!

The Sunday Super Pole became a great promise for the third cup race of the weekend, when David Vršecký obtained the first row in the starting grid and achieved the best result of the season.

His team mate Adam Lacko confirmed that water fits Buggyra trucks with his third best lap time. After the warm up the weather became more sensible and the achieved lap times corresponded to that. But the rain did not stop completely Despite the unfavourable weather the truck racing fans gathered again in large numbers. In the first fifteen-minute part of the time practice all pilots stayed on the track till the very last seconds due to the improving track conditions. The pilots of the Czech Buggyra team managed fantastic results, advancing to the super pole from the first two ranks, in the order Adam Lacko, David Vršecký. Super pole was at least twenty minutes delayed due to a repair of a damaged crash barrier. Both Buggyra trucks started as the first and it was clear since the very beginning that they would attack the highest ranks on the wet track. David Vršecký struggled with his team mate for the second rank while the so far inconspicuous Norbert Kiss achieved the best lap time. "The first row is a fantastic result. We have not achieved such a result this year yet. We seem to be happy on water. Now the start and the weather development will be most important,“ said the shining David Vršecký, who will start the third cup race of the weekend from the second starting position. "It looked real good after the first part, but this result is also more than acceptable for us. What more can we wish in front of the domestic audience, now both of us have a realistic chance for the podium,“ said the happy Adam Lacko after the super pole, before he went to start the race from the third best starting position.

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