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Macháček Takes Place of Kolomý

Macháček Takes Place of Kolomý

The 42nd edition of the most popular long-distance competition, the Dakar Rally, entering its third chapter in Saudi Arabia in January, will be marked with a substantial change in the Buggyra Racing team. The Side by Side category will feature a brand new racing special called Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS together with a brand new personal acquisition of Buggyra, Josef Macháček, five-fold winner of the Dakar Rally.

The still purely private team will allow itself the luxury of participation in two different categories. “As we already informed in the context of the Czech Truck Prix 2019 in September, we have decided for separation of SSV from passenger cars for the very purpose of participation in this category. And as our ambition is high, as usual, our project will make use of substantial support by BCE s.r.o., representing on the Czech market the Canadian manufacturer of Can-Am SSV brand, the Bombardier Recreational Products Company. And as revealed in the title, when thinking of the pilot of our new vehicle, we decided for one of the most successful domestic pilots, Josef Macháček,“ explains the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


“I would compare this to the engagement of Gerd Körber in 2001. We had a new truck and knew that the quickest way forward was an experienced pilot able to suppress his ego, and a new pilot growing by his side, which indeed happened in the case of David Vršecký. Not that we are against winning the Bedouin, but we have to stand with our feet on the ground. Side by Side is a quickly bulging category with competition increasing day by day. As we work with a multiple-year outlook our main aim will be to finish and to collect maximum numbers of data, including subjective views of a pilot of Josef´s qualities. It is because data is one thing and personal experience another, and the latter cannot be replaced with telemetry in the case of a desert,” states about Macháček the team mentor Martin Koloc. “In addition, we do not want to hide that the name of Josef Macháček represents a considerable marketing potential as a strong attraction for sponsors.“


In a way, the veteran pilot Macháček replaces Martin Kolomý, whose contract with the Buggyra team was not renewed in the end, after six years of joint work. “After long negotiations and assessment we finally decided not to extend our cooperation with Martin. I would like to make use of this opportunity to wish him good luck in his future racing career. We have closed one chapter and now we have to concentrate on our current projects,“ Martin Koloc closes the long-discussed theme, in one breath pointing to the approaching celebration of 50th anniversary of the brand existence, held at the Most circuit on Sunday 3 November. “I think it will be a beautiful day which we are prepared to enjoy to the full. And also, a whole range of new developments of the revolutionary innovation category will be introduced there.“


“The racing special MK50 arrived from our base in Spain to Roudnice nad Labem for final adjustments a couple of days ago, so we only have a week to prepare it for the ceremonial presentation at the Most festival,“ the team manager Jan Kalivoda reveals the schedule for the coming days. “I believe we will manage everything and show our fans as well as to newspapermen for the first time our new hardware for Dakar 2020. Of course Josef Macháček will not miss this opportunity either. He mainly looks forward to exercising his new car properly for the first time.“

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