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Petr Bošnakov - 21.07.2020

Macháček wins RTG Rally Trial Germany

While the truck team Adam Lacko – Téo Calvet – Aliyyah Koloc focuses on virtual racing, and Tomáš Enge with his sister Lucie finished 2nd in their category at Rally Bohemia, Josef Macháček just had his first race since Dakar in January.


Macháček wins RTG Rally Trial Germany

The five-time winner from Rally Dakar managed to win the prestigious RTG Rally Trial Germany with a Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS special. “It was a three-day off-road marathon. It began on Friday with a prologue, that set the grid for the next stage. On Saturday, it continued with two 90-minute blocks and then it ended on Sunday with another 90-minute part,” said the winner of all stages. “My buggy was perfectly prepared, and the competition was caught off guard. In just 10 kilometres, I was able to gain half a minute on the others. I’m not too overconfident after that victory, but I’m obviously really delighted. I didn’t race for a long time, so I was wondering about my form.”


And the Dakar legend is ready for more races. “I’m a pure racer. However, the motorsport is currently in a very weird stage. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next. Anyway, Sahara Rally El Chott in Tunisia would be a perfect way how to prepare for the next Dakar. And it’s organised by the same people as the race in Germany. About 2,600 kilometres of the desert will test the machine and the driver as well. But just like I said before, nobody knows right now,” said Josef Macháček.

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