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Markus and David on the Rostrum!

Markus and David on the Rostrum!

The two pilots of the Buggyra International Racing System team Markus Bösiger and David Vršecký ranked second and third in the opening cup race in Albacete today. Not only the two Buggyra drivers were surprised by the sudden weather change in the morning.

Even though the weather forecasts had said something else, it was raining. And some drizzling even continued throughout the free practice. “I had problems with my truck setting from the very beginning. I believe everything will be all right again,” said Bösiger after the practice. This trucker achieved the second best time after the sovereign Albacete at the very end of the practice. David Vršecký had to be content with the fourth rank. “I do not like wet road very much, I somehow could not find the ideal trail. I hope it will be better later,” said David before the beginning of the opening cup race of the weekend. While Albacete took the lead at the very beginning of the race, followed by Bösiger, Vršecký attacked the third Hahn. Even though the attack ended in a positive, the Czech trucker had to state after another two curves that his efforts were a little in vain. The German trucker did not finish the fourth out of the five full-score cup races for technical reasons. “When I could see Jochen giving up, I said to myself: The racing has ended for today. Antonio and Markus were in front of me and the condition of the track did not allow for any great risk. And so I was happy with the third ranking,” said David laconically right before the prize-giving ceremony. The second Bösiger was not more eloquent either. "The truck behaved much better on the track than in the practice. I believe in continuous improvement.”

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