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Markus Longs for Happiness

Markus Longs for Happiness

While the current European champion David Vršecký spent the first days from the New Year in the mountains with his spouse Martina and his downhill snowboard, his colleague and fellow trucker and the greatest rival in the struggle for the champion title Markus Bösiger chose a more peaceful start of the new season. This, however, does not contradict his New Year resolution to return to the truck throne after a year pause.

The Swiss trucker, documenting by his fifty years of age the centuries old and time tested theory that men do not grow old, slowly prepares for this year ´s championship. "I have studied the dates of this year ´s European Cup races. The season will begin in early May. Unlike David I can draw from experience and so there is no point in hurrying up,” said Markus with a smile. He has been relaxing in his native Langenthal. "I returned to the trucks for a while in the middle of the week, when David, Mario and I discussed some things concerning acceleration. Otherwise I relax, an take long walks. And I am looking forward to taking out my bicycle again. Obviously I have to do some things related to the run of my business. And I gather strength to get ready for the life acceleration step by step while the new start is approaching.”

As for the racing plans for this coming season Markus is quite clear about everything. To drive as best as he can. And also pick a little bigger portion of good luck than last year. “Absence of good luck devalues the performance, however god it is" says the Swiss driver reminding of last season, when he had to step out of the first ranking twice. “But I do not feel like complaining. I feel well, I have an excellent team at my back, and I am expecting a very interesting year ahead.”

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