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Markus to Wait for Explanation!

Markus to Wait for Explanation!

Even though Markus Bösiger became the oldest European truck racing champion at the age of fifty, this year he is prepared to chase his substantially younger colleagues including the current European champion David Vršecký! "Some people might forget that I came to truck racing as a world vice-champion in road sidecar racing.

In fact I wanted to drive a big car at the end of my racing career and I ended up with a champion title. I hope that the title was not my last one," is the message of the second best trucker of last year ´s championship for his competitors. "It does not matter whether you are fifty or fifty two. The main thing is the will to win. And that is what I abound with, still." The Swiss veteran and successful businessman adheres to the principle that it is not only sport and work man can live on. Faithful to this creed he spent Sunday morning watching the finals of the tennis tournament Australian Open, a match between his countryman Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. "Of course I wanted Roger to win and I was completely immersed in the match. He lost in the end. What can you do. This is what sport is like. I was more excited during his match with Berdych. If the Czech tennis player had won David and the mechanics would certainly have teased me all over." However, Markus has another theme ready for his next meeting with the Czech majority of the Buggyra International Racing System team. The teasing sport discussion between him and his colleagues will focus on hockey, which has been Markus´ aim since last Wednesday. "David and Honza Kalivoda keep telling me how excellent the Czechs are. And yet the European club champion has been Zurich Lions, who managed to beat Slavia in the context of the group matches and in the finals crushed Magnitogorsk even with its Czech hockey stars. I am so much looking forward to discussing this with the proud Czechs."

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