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Petr Bošnakov - 13.08.2020

Martin Koloc does not want to rule out potential Formula 4 team

While Buggyra Racing is mostly known for its activities around the European Truck Racing Championship and Rally Dakar, it is currently also a team with the biggest concentration of single-seaters experts and ex-F1 drivers outside of Formula racing. After Tomáš Enge a Jaroslav Janiš, there is a new first-class star addition in a two-time World Champion from 1972 and 1974 Emerson Fittipaldi.


Martin Koloc does not want to rule out potential Formula 4 team

A charismatic Brazilian, who also have two Indianapolis 500 wins, even drove a Buggyra VK50 truck at Most. Emerson and his 13-year-old son Emmo took part in the test as a result of a cooperation between the Buggyra Racing team and Antonín Charouz. “It’s absolutely certain that when it comes to Formula 1, Antonín is the number one in the Czech Republic, and maybe even in the whole region. His scouting is incredible,” said Martin Koloc. “We were mostly interested in Emmo’s results in Formula 4, as Yasmeen is driving the same car. But Emerson came to us and said that when he’s at Most already and there’s this chance to drive a big car, he has to give it a shot. And he didn’t even mind borrowing overalls from David Vršecký. Once a racing driver, always a racing driver.“


This testing session at Most has marked a start of a pre-season programme before the opening round of the European Truck Racing Championship at Most at the end of August. After the championship, the Buggyra Racing will move to Nogaro, France, under the Pyrenees to drive at a famous racing circuit. “We’re launching two testing programmes at the same time. Emmo Fittipaldi and Yasmeen will be working with Tomáš Enge and Jaroslav Janiš on Formula 4, while Tomáš, Jaroslav and Aliyyah are going to do the GT programme. And after Dakar, everything starts all over again.“


Despite the uncertainties in the world, Martin Koloc does not want to rule out a potential opportunity to set up a Formula 4 team, together with Antonín Charouz and Emerson Fittipaldi. “To have or not to have one of the most famous racing drivers in the history of motorsport as a consultant in our team, that is a very very big difference. Especially, as we agree on basically everything. It would allow us to create an incredibly strong coaching team with Fittipaldi – Enge – Janiš, who would be giving the best possible advice to our young drivers Emmo, Aliyyah and Yasmeen. Currently, we’re trying to negotiate it.“

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