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Petr Bošnakov - 14.04.2020

Martin Koloc: “Esport fits into Buggyra’s plans.“

The first round of the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup virtual championship at Blackwood GP circuit is a history. And Martin Koloc, the Buggyra Racing team owner, who is known for not rushing things, is more than happy.


Martin Koloc: “Esport fits into Buggyra’s plans.“

All-start line-up

And that comes despite David and Tomáš did not celebrate any big success against the world-class sim racing drivers. “Every person that knows something about virtual racing knows, that Buggyra organises and puts money into this championship to succeed there with David or Tomáš. We saw that coming when there were 15 all-star drivers in the entry list. But that was our goal. Our biggest worry in the world of esports was that we’ll face totally unknown faces and we will win. There are so many racing series, but an iRacing world champion and a Williams F1 Esports driver Isaan Price has chosen our series! That’s much more important to us than how David, Tomáš, Téa or Aliyyah do in the sim racing. Also, Isaac has done over 400,000 kilometres at Blackwood GP circuit. There’s not much to say to that,” said Koloc.


Reconnaissance by fighting

Martin Koloc also admits that with Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup, the team is doing reconnaissance by fighting a battle. “Despite it’s a very expensive event in all kind of perspective, from money to people, we want to do well in the new environment. Some people might not like it, but esports is coming and COVID-19 only helped that. It’s a concept that fits well into the Buggyra Academy strategy. You can do several schemes on the simulators, just ask Tomáš Enge, an F1 driver and a Le Mans winner, to compare simulators from a few years back with modern machines. When it comes to social media, it’s like Dakar but 4 times more! The online race was watched by 60,000 viewers, with a reach of more than 3,000,000 people,” said the first Czech driver to win a European circuit racing series.


Revenge is coming

Considering the current stage of a lockdown, he also sees online racing as a unique opportunity how to keep drivers fit.“They cancelled our testing at Most at the last minute. So, any type of race right now makes sense. Also, the series winner will get a special opportunity to test our truck, while the 2nd best driver is going to enjoy Renault Clio with Tomáš. So the sim racers will get to know the real racing world,” said Koloc, who is also looking forward to potential revenge from his drivers in the upcoming races.


More about the championship:

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