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Petr Bosnakov - 26.03.2021

Martin Koloc: We‘re not a team for just a few weeks…

On Tuesday, the Buggyra team principal has said that David Vršecký took full control of the testing team in Dubai, as he himself is focused on business activities.


Martin Koloc: We‘re not a team for just a few weeks…

Despite the last season was affected heavily by COVID, Martin says that everything bad eventually leads to something good. “We’re slowly getting established in the world of esports. We’ve done plenty of testing at Most. Adam, Aliyyah and Téo are regularly on the podium or even winning. And that’s shocking, in a positive way, for Aliyyah. Buggyra Academy is also connected to Emerson Fittipaldi. And whatever people say, we even put together the Dakar-winning Can-Am DV21 for Josef Macháček. Also, we’ve signed Ignacio Casale, made it possible for Tomáš Enge to debut at Dakar… I’d say we’ve done a lot despite everything,“ says the team principal.


However, the two-time European champion in truck racing knows that it is all about lots of hard work and preparations. “Since Dakar, the whole team is now set in a way that if we’ve managed the last season, we can get through everything. We don’t focus on what’s closed, open, how many cases there are and where. Our testing activities in Saudi Arabian and the United Arab Emirates are huge…”


The Buggyra Mileage Zero Racing principal also underscores the importance of betting on perspective and vision. “Motor racing is still incredibly expensive. Luckily, our partners like projects that have a clear vision and perspective. Buggyra is not a team that runs just for a few weeks.”

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